Recently, the weather has become hot, and many users like to park their cargo bikes at will for convenience. Some users even park their cargo bikes in the sun for a long time. So, what effect will long-term exposure have on electric cargo tricycles? Let me give you a detailed answer today. In fact, there are three kinds of injuries to electric cargo tricycles.

1.The water loss speed of the battery is accelerated

First of all, exposure to the sun will increase the internal temperature of the battery of the electric cargo bike. When the user rides again, the original high-temperature battery temperature will become higher. The main reason is that the battery will release a lot of heat during riding, which will accelerate the water loss rate of the battery, reduce its service life, and even lead to damage.

2. The tire aging speed is accelerated, and the possibility of bursting is increased

Secondly, the aging speed of tires is accelerated when exposed to the sun. The main reason is that the tire is made of rubber material, and its stability will decline when exposed to high temperature. In addition, due to the poor quality of some electric tricycle tires, they may burst after exposure, especially at the nozzle.

3. The motor is overheated and short circuit fault occurs

Finally, under the sunlight, it may also cause motor short-circuit fault. The main reason is that the motor will overheat due to high temperature exposure. Once the motor itself has quality problems or aging problems, there will be a direct short-circuit fault, which will hinder the operation of the electric tricycle, resulting in insufficient power or failure to drive normally.

Therefore, from the above three points of view, the electric tricycle is excessively exposed to the sun, which will cause certain damage to the battery, tires and motors. For users, do not park the cargo bike directly in the sun, but try to park the bike in a cool place, so as to effectively protect the accessories of the electric tricycle from the sun.

Finally, in the process of charging and using the electric tricycle, there are also some skills to extend the service life of the electric tricycle: when you come back from riding outside, park the cargo bike for half an hour, and then charge it, which can effectively prevent the battery from losing water at high temperature; In addition, the charging time is strictly controlled within 8 hours in summer and 10 hours in winter, which can effectively prevent overcharging; Of course, it is also necessary to ensure that the special charger for the cargo bike is not mixed with other models of chargers, so as to prevent the battery from being damaged.