Users who often drive electric cargo bikes will find that the rear tires will be repaired a lot more than the front tires. In this regard, many users even doubted that the materials of the front tire and the rear tire were different. What I want to tell you today is that the materials are all the same. Then, the rear tire of electric tricycle is more easily punctured than the front tire. What is the reason? How to solve it? Today, I will give you a detailed analysis of this problem from three levels.

1、 Load

Many electric tricycle manufacturers will put their center of gravity back when designing, so that they can carry more goods, but this also means that the rear tire has a higher load than the front tire, and the friction with the ground will be higher. At the same time, it will also accelerate the wear rate of tires, making them thinner and more prone to the risk of tire breakage.

How to solve this problem? Generally speaking, users need to drive without overloading, and try not to load too much goods to climb the slope, so as to minimize the possibility of rear tire breakage.

2、 Driving

In addition, what we need to know is that the rear wheel is the driving wheel of the cargo bike, which will further increase the friction between the tricycle and the ground during driving, and this will also accelerate the wear of the tire skin, causing the risk of tire breakage.

How to solve this problem? The best way is to drive at a constant speed without deliberately accelerating or decelerating, so that the electric tricycle is in a relatively stable state, which can alleviate the tire wear speed to a certain extent.

3、 Use

Finally, one of the most easily overlooked reasons is the user’s usage habits. In short, when driving an electric tricycle, many users usually only pay attention to the front wheel and ignore the rear wheel. According to the feedback of many maintenance masters, a large number of users broke their rear tires when passing through pits.

How to solve this problem? As an electric tricycle user, when driving, we should not only consider that the front tire does not go through pits, but also the rear tire, so as to reduce the risk of the rear tire being broken.

In short, from these three levels, the rear tires of electric tricycles are more likely to be punctured than the front tires. But for users, whether they are front tires or rear tires, they should develop good maintenance habits, so as to minimize the risk of tire breakage.