When the temperature drops, the electric tricycle needs special attention to maintenance and use. The electric tricycle also needs the care of users. When you pay attention to the electric tricycle, the electric tricycle will certainly give you a return. These 7 tips on the use of electric tricycles can make the electric tricycles run further in the case of temperature drop.

1. Electric tricycles should be recharged frequently in cold weather. Do not wait until the electricity is used up. It will damage the battery. The temperature drop will have a direct impact on the battery capacity of the electric tricycle. In summer, it may be enough to charge once every two days. Now it may not be enough to charge once a day, so you need to charge once a day. Do not wait for the electric tricycle to be completely charged. This will not only affect the normal use, but also cause damage to the battery.

2. The electric tricycle can’t run far in cold weather. The battery is not necessarily broken. The temperature will recover when the temperature rises. The most ideal driving environment for electric tricycles is around 25 ℃, which is why most people feel that electric tricycles run far in summer. But now the temperature has dropped sharply, and the capacity of the battery will also drop significantly. When the temperature is 0 ℃, the battery capacity is only about 70% of the normal value. When the temperature below zero drops by 1 ℃, the capacity will drop by 1%. The lower the temperature, the lower the battery capacity. The lower the battery capacity, the shorter the driving mileage of the electric tricycle. This is a normal phenomenon, not the battery is broken. After the temperature rises in spring, the driving mileage of the electric tricycle will gradually return to the normal state.

3. When starting or going uphill, the electric tricycle shall accelerate as slowly as possible. When the electric tricycle starts and goes uphill in winter, try to accelerate slowly and evenly. Otherwise, the power consumption will increase due to large current discharge, and the battery may be “strained”.

4. It is better to charge the electric tricycle within 10 hours, and charge for 1-2 hours after the light turned. Charge the electric tricycle in cold weather. After the charger turns on the light, it can charge for 1-2 hours. Pay attention that the charging time is not too long, and too long will damage the battery.

5. The minimum power of electric tricycle in cold weather shall not be less than 30%, and it shall be charged in time. When the electric tricycle is used in cold weather, the capacity of the battery should not be less than 25%. If it is lower than 25%, it will damage the battery and affect the service life of the battery.

6. The electric tricycle should be charged once a month to avoid battery vulcanization. Some people will place the electric tricycle because the temperature is cold, and ride the electric tricycle after the temperature rises. Before placing the electric tricycle, the electric tricycle must be fully charged, so that the electric tricycle can be placed with electricity, and the electric tricycle can be charged once a month. This can avoid battery damage caused by vulcanization.

7. The battery mileage decreases too obviously, so you need to go to an electric tricycle shop or a maintenance shop for testing. When the temperature of some electric tricycles drops, the driving mileage decreases too obviously. For example, the driving mileage is less than 10km when fully charged. The battery has been used for more than two years. You can go to a regular electric tricycle shop or maintenance shop for testing. Your battery may need to be replaced.