For electric cargo bikes, there are many components that are quite important. For example, the battery that cargo bike owners are most concerned about, there are many brands to choose from. In fact, electric vehicles also have one important thing, which is the tire. However, when changing tires, smart people almost won’t choose a big brand. Experts have summarized three reasons, what do you think?

Three reasons for not recommending large brand tires

Big brand prices are on the high side: Although electric cargo bike tires are not the most expensive components, big brand tires are relatively expensive.

Large brand tires are often counterfeited: In any industry, as long as the brand is large, there are counterfeit and inferior products, which is also one of the reasons why many people do not choose large brand tires.

The cost-effectiveness of big brands is not high: the current manufacturing process is not very different, and the quality of electric vehicles may not differ significantly, but there may be a price difference.

Small brand tires are more in line with actual needs

As an insider in the electric cargo bike industry, I have actually changed tires and had in-depth communication with cargo bike repair technicians. When I asked the master why he didn’t have big brand tires? Shouldn’t selling them be very popular? However, the master said that many cargo bike owners are unwilling to spend too much money on large brand tires, so it’s better to choose cheap small brands that the public can accept and the quality is acceptable.

The high sales of these large brand tires are largely due to deep cooperation with car companies, which means that most new cargo bikes use tires from these two brands.

So, for most electric two wheeled bicycles, ordinary small brand tires are sufficient, focusing on cost-effectiveness, while big brands focus on brand awareness. Of course, some particularly expensive tires do perform excellently in all aspects.


It is common for electric cargo bicycles to change tires, but if it is an unknown small brand, it is also acceptable, but the premise is that the small brand is not a mixed brand or a counterfeit brand. Of course, many families are not short of money, and changing to a larger brand of tires is also a guarantee. So, what kind of tires to replace with an electric vehicle still depends on whether you are willing or not. What is your opinion on this?