It has to be said that electric cargo bikes have indeed become a short-distance travel choice for more and more people, especially for some elderly people and in remote areas, electric tricycles have become more and more common. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly based on the following points.

1. Electric tricycles meet the needs of people for short distance travel

First of all, we should know that no matter whether we ride a two wheeled battery bike or drive a car outside, there is only one purpose, that is, to carry people and facilitate our life. For long-distance travel, it is certainly the most convenient for us to drive a car, but for short-distance travel, driving a car may not be the best choice. On the one hand, the current traffic congestion is almost a problem of major cities. On the other hand, parking is also a problem, and electric tricycles do not have these problems.

2. Convenient operation

Then, as far as the audience is concerned, the main users of electric tricycles are generally the youth and elderly. However, for the elderly, whether it is a crowded bus or driving, it is not a good choice. After all, most of the old people do not have a driver’s license, and they can’t pass the test. In addition, it is more difficult to take the bus. Therefore, this kind of electric tricycle with simple operation and low speed has become the choice of the elderly. In addition, most of the elderly also have the need to pick up and send their children, and the electric tricycle that can shield them from the wind and rain is also just in use.

3. The price is cheap

The last point is the key point. As long as anything reaches a generally accepted level, the most important thing is the price, except for the basic needs of life. The price of an electric tricycle is affordable to most families. The price that is close to the people is the core of its popularity. Otherwise, if an electric tricycle should be like a car, it is estimated that everyone will choose to drive car again.

In addition, environmental protection, convenience and cheapness are also its advantages. More importantly, the traffic control of electric tricycles is not so strict, and there is no requirement for the driver’s license, so many people will intuitively choose electric tricycles, which may be a very important reason.