I recently lived in the village. On the first day I moved in, I wanted to go out on my legs to buy groceries. I walked for almost 20 minutes under the scorching sun and the scorching soil, only to find that no one was walking along the way. All kinds of electric cargo bikes passed by me, big and small, in various styles.

I finally arrived at the supermarket and didn’t want to buy anything anymore cause I had to walk back with it.

The next day, I bought an electric tricycle. When buying a cargo bike, the person in the store was very uneasy and asked me, ‘Are you really looking to buy a cargo bike? Which village do you live in nearby?

This small electrical tricycle is needed every day to deliver, buy groceries, go to markets, go to small supermarkets, and even come out for meals. The mid mounted rear drive can also drive off-road, which is awesome. If you don’t slow down while passing the speed bumps, it will cause cervical pain. Turning too fast will result in acrobatics with one wheel standing on the side.

With the small electric cargo bike, it has finally perfectly integrated into rural life.

Later, I brought my parents to my side, which was my father’s travel tool. The back seat could carry my mother, and when it was full, I could sit down with my mother and a large bag of things.

Sometimes when my mom and I go out for a walk, my dad will ride a small electric bike and catch up, like a car driver picking up my mom with poor legs and feet, like a knight picking up the queen. My mom said that when you were a child, your dad rode a tricycle and hummed a tune, running around the street with his wife and children. But at that time it was manpower.

The small electric cargo bike has a range of only 30km (I haven’t tested the limit, which is considered a safe range), and can reach 25km/h at the fastest. Within its daily driving range, there is no need for license plates, rural roads are rarely congested, and almost everyone in the village has one electrical bike, solving the travel problem for each household. Driving a small electric cargo bike in the summer, I basically don’t drive anymore. It’s not good to come in and out while driving, and I have to find a place to park.

My parents also thought about why we can’t buy a small electric tricycle at home in the city, and we don’t even need to drive to the supermarket. It turned out to be unreliable. Firstly, the traffic was congested, and tricycles really occupied the road. The second is that there is no place to park without a yard, no place to park when driving out, and no place to charge. Thirdly, even the security guards who drive a small electric tricycle do not like to let you enter the community.

Electric tricycles are something you want to ban in the city, such as road congestion, unsafe driving, and rushing. But in the countryside, it is a daily necessity that not everyone can afford a car, but having an electric cargo bike can solve traffic problems. If there is a cargo bike with a shed, it can also shelter from the wind and rain when going out.