In recent years, new energy has developed rapidly, the penetration rate of new energy market has been increasing, and the industry of electric cargo bicycle has also ushered in the spring. Compared with ordinary human bicycle, it has a greater advantage – electricity. But why are electric cargo bicycles so popular now?

Firstly, it can relieve the employment pressure of the population, because the electric cargo bicycle is composed of various parts, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains such as lithium batteries and chips provide a large number of social jobs. Secondly, a country must vigorously support high technology if it wants to develop. This is a policy.

Secondly, it has less pollution and is more environmentally friendly

The electric cargo bicycle is characterized by electric drive, no unpleasant gasoline smell, no harmful gas emission and no air pollution.

Low noise, more comfortable

The electric cargo bicycle does not have the roar and vibration of the engine during driving, and will not produce noise.

Later, we will analyze the differences between electric cargo bicycles and human bicycles

First of all, because of their different attributes, human bicycles solve the problem of the last mile of citizens, while electric cargo bicycles are aimed at the problem of users’ travel within 30 kilometers, and have a wider range of use scenarios. They are not only suitable for commuting, but also for weekend play, connecting to the subway, friends’ gatherings, shopping in the mall, shopping in the street, etc., which can basically meet the travel needs of citizens in all cities in a day, The cost is also within the range that users can afford.

The second is the travel habits of users. The simplest question is, how many people use bicycles now? In cities, electric cargo bicycles can be seen everywhere, but bicycles are becoming less and less, which has something to do with the development and progress of society. Under such circumstances, there is no doubt that the user demand for electric cargo bicycles is much higher, and the bicycles are laborious to pedal. Now the lazy people in the city are economically developed, and they are all eager to move. Any problem can be solved. Undoubtedly, the electric cargo bicycle is more in line with the travel needs of users. It is not only more labor-saving and intelligent, but also has a better riding experience.

As a green and low-carbon travel tool, electric cargo bicycles are becoming more and more popular. Hurry up and buy an electric cargo bike that suits you!