There are many different kinds of electric cargo bikes on the market. How can you choose the best e bike to buy and a suitable bike for you ?

2 wheel long john cargo bike
This kind of cargo bike is much longer in the middle bike frame than the ordinary bicycles which we have seen. In this way, a wooden box can be installed on the frame in the middle. Seats can be added to the wooden box. Children can sit in the box. Seats can be fitted with seat belts. In this way, children can sit in the wood box safely, and soft cushions can be added, so that they will not feel uncomfortable even when driving on bumpy roads. At the same time, it can be installed with a rain cover, and the children will not be afraid of catching cold in the rain. Similarly, if you need to load some goods, just remove the seat, so that you have a large wooden box to hold the goods you want.

3 wheel tricycle

Backward riding 3 wheel tricycle is also a popular type in the world. It has all the advantages of 2 wheel long john cargo bicycles. At the same time, its box is larger, which can seat 2-4 children, and a large cargo bike can seat more than 6 children. It is very suitable for families with many children, they also have the seat belts, cushions, rain cover, and so on. It is also safe for children to sit on the 3 wheel cargo bike.

Long tail bicycle

The tail of this kind of bicycle is much longer than that of ordinary bicycles, so that children’s seats can be installed on the long tail, parents can let children sit on it. If you need, you can ask for handrails to be installed on it. It is safe for children to sit on it. At the same time, guardrails should be installed at the wheels to prevent children’s legs from being rolled into the bicycle wheels, which will be too dangerous.

Today’s cargo bikes basically have electric auxiliary functions. You can step on them if you stop electric assistance function. It’s very good to exercise. You can take children out to relax and play, as well as exercise when you pedal cargo bike. But when you feel tired after pedaling, you can turn on the electric auxiliary function, so that you don’t need to pedal on them any more. The electric assistance function will still takes you to the place you want. This function is really good.

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