Winter is very cold for riding cargo bikes, because the weather is getting colder and colder It’s hard to ride a bike these months! Many people don’t understand why they ride in winter.
As the saying goes, “In winter, move more, get sick less, be lazy in winter, need drink more medicine.”. Riding in winter can not only save money, but also have many advantages: it can enhance the excitability of cerebral cortex and the sensitivity of temperature regulation center, and improve the cold resistance; Accelerate blood circulation, increase the oxygen supply to the brain, which has a positive effect on eliminating the fatigue caused by the long-term work of the brain and enhancing memory.

Today, I will introduce you some winter riding equipment, which can be very good if you riding in winter

1. Helmets and thermal scarves

Helmets are indispensable safety equipment when riding, even if the snow is thick, this can not be changed. The head is not only the key object of safety protection, but also the part of the human body that loses the most heat. The warmth of the head is very important. Experienced riders said that even though the thick hair made people feel warm enough when going up the mountain, they were likely to find that the previously wet hair had been frozen together after resting or going down the mountain. The warm headband can keep the head warm and protect the head from frostbite.

2. Riding glasses

The path in the forest is narrow, and the branches bent by the snow often affect your riding. Wearing glasses can effectively prevent the damage of branches and snowflakes to your glasses, and maintain a clear vision. It clears up after snow, with high visibility. The reflection of sunlight and snow aggravates the damage of strong light and ultraviolet rays to eyes. In order to properly and effectively solve this problem, please pay attention when purchasing glasses: lenses no less than UV400 should be selected to filter ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths. It is better to have an anti reflection coating behind the lens. The lens and frame should be fitted to the face as much as possible to reduce the light reflected into the fundus from behind the glasses.

3. Riding clothes

Polyester fast drying clothes+fleece jacket or cycling clothes+windproof coat are suitable. The multi layer and multi piece jacket is ideal. It can be taken off one by one when it is hot. The front fabric of winter cycling clothes should be windproof and the back fabric should be breathable. This kind of clothes can not only protect you from the cold wind, but also dissipate the sweat from sports, so as to avoid stuffiness. The effect is really good.

4. Riding gloves

When riding, after a fall, subconsciously use your hands to hold the ground to cushion, so as to avoid the head hitting the ground as much as possible. Therefore, special protection is required for the palm of the hand. Riding gloves are very important. In winter, riding gloves should be both thermal insulation and waterproof and breathable.

5. Riding shoes

The foot is the second heart, and it is also important to keep the foot warm. Wearing leather boots and cycling with wet feet will make it colder and colder when not exercising. So I don’t recommend it. It is very important to wear a pair of comfortable and warm high waist shoes. The soles should be thick, and insoles should be added to keep the soles warm. The upper and vamp should be thick to protect the foot surface. If the foot is warm, the whole body will be warm..