We should pay special attention when traveling in rainy days. Although many electric cargo bikes now have waterproof measures, this does not mean that electric cargo tricycles can walk freely in the water. Electric tricycles are easy to break down when they enter the water.

So what hazards will there be after the electric cargo bike enters the water, how to deal with it and how to protect it?

There are three aspects of cargo bike enter water

First: the electric cargo bike has too deep water inflow and the motor is short circuited due to moisture.

Second: once the battery of the electric tricycle is flooded, it will directly lead to a short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes. The slight consequence is to damage the battery, and the most serious consequence is to directly cause the battery to burn or even explode.

Third: the electric cargo bike controller is generally not waterproof. If the water in the controller is too deep, it is easy to cause the motor to reverse, causing the controller to burn out or the motor to be abnormal.

How to deal with the water in electric cargo bike

1. The battery is flooded, dried and recharged

Do not charge the battery after it enters the water. Be sure to dry it in a ventilated place. Before the charging, wipe the battery and connecting socket with a rag or paper towel, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations such as short circuit of power supply and burning of transmission and motor.

2. Water enters the motor, blow dry and then dry in the sun

If water enters the motor due to water entering the electric cargo bike, it can be dried with a hair dryer and dried in the sun.

If the water level of the electric cargo bike is too deep. At this time, it is necessary to consider discharging the water in the motor. This process is quite troublesome. It is recommended to go to a professional repair shop for treatment.

3. The controller is filled with water, dried by blowing and drying, and then added with protective film

If there is water in the controller, the controller can be removed, dried with a hair dryer, and then dried in the sun. In addition, a protective film needs to be added to the controller to improve its waterproof performance.

If a large amount of water is injected into the controller, it shall be repaired at the relevant maintenance station in time to prevent short circuit of power supply and burning of transmission and motor.

Warm tips for cycling in rainy days

The motor and controller are the most likely to be damaged when the electric cargo bike is flooded. The cargo bike mainly pays special attention to the depth of ponding, and can run normally only when it is no more than half of the electric cargo bike.

When the electric cargo bike rides in the water, the water resistance is very large, which is easy to cause the balance out of control. When riding in the ponding section, it is best to get off and pushing it.

Special reminder: it’s better to ride less electric cargo bike in rainy days. If the electric cargo bike must be used in rainy days, cover the electric cargo bike with plastic cloth when parking to prevent damage to the main parts.