Rainy days not only bring us freshness, but also trouble our travel. What protection should be taken when riding an electric cargo bike in rainy days? Next,i will introduce to you the four precautions for safe riding of three wheel electric cargo bikes in rainy days.

1、 Don’t Wade easily

The motor, controller, battery and other important parts of the three wheel electric cargo bike are generally waterproof. Under normal circumstances, it does not matter if they are wet by rain, but this does not mean that the electric vehicle can walk through the water at will. Don’t rush into places with serious water accumulation, or try to bypass. If it is necessary to pass through, try to select some roads with shallow water, and the water depth should not be more than half of the wheel, because once the motor is affected by moisture or water, it is very likely to cause a series of problems such as the horn does not sound, the brake fails, and the controller cannot work normally.

2、 Dry in time after rain

When parking the electric cargo bike in rainy days, it is better to cover it with plastic cloth to protect the motor, controller and battery of the electric cargo bike from rain. If the electric cargo bike is stored in the open air, it is better to take down the battery indoors. After the electric cargo bike is drenched in rain, do not put the battery into the power supply rashly, which may cause short circuit. After heavy rain, the electric cargo bike can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Before the battery is put into the battery and powered on, clean the battery and the connection socket with a rag or paper towel to avoid power connection.

3、 Chain trick: rust removal

If the electric cargo bike chain rusts after the rain, the rust spots can be wiped off with the cleaning agent used to clean the kitchen, and then washed with diesel oil, so that the rust can be easily removed. In addition, you can also buy some Castor seeds, peel off their shells, wrap them with fine flannel cloth, and smash them. Using them to wipe electric cargo bike can make the wheels and spokes bright and clean, and also play a certain role in rust prevention.

4、 Be careful when riding in rainy days

In rainy days, the ground is easy to slip. When you travel, you should pay attention to changing the tire timely, and it is best to choose the tire with drainage pattern; When riding, the driver must slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Concentrate on driving and pay attention to the road conditions so as to respond in time according to the road conditions. In addition, it is necessary to fasten the safety belt when driving. In the process of driving, the speed should not be too fast. When braking, the action should be gentle. The road conditions should be judged as soon as possible, and sudden braking should be avoided. In this way, you can avoid accidental injury caused by wheel side slip out of control; When driving, try to avoid those zebra crossings and road traffic signs. Because these places are several millimeters higher than the ground and are relatively slippery, they are very easy to slip after being wet by rain, and they are more likely to be injured when braking on them carelessly.