The reason why the electric tricycle doesn’t run when it has electricity is that there is something wrong with the handle. The brake switch is faulty. There is something wrong with the controller. The motor is out of order. First, check whether there is a problem with the brake switch, and then check the handle to see if there is a broken wire. We can also smell, if there is a burning smell, it means that there is something wrong with the controller. No matter what the reason is, you should consult the seller. Such a line fault is difficult to deal with.

1. Braking reasons.

All electric cargo bikes have handbrakes. Of course, the cargo bike won’t go when you pull the handbrake. In addition, most of the three wheels have the brake power-off function. Once the bike’s brake fails, such as the brake doesn’t return, the brake power-off works, and the car doesn’t supply power, of course, it can’t go!

2. Reason for turning handle.

Generally, there are five wires leading out of the handle of the electric tricycle, red wire, black wire, blue wire are the handle wires, and the other two are the reverse wires. Use a multimeter to detect the voltage between the two wires of the handle. Then turn the knob. If the voltage of the red line and the black line remains unchanged, then measure the black line and the signal line. Finally, turn the handle. If the voltage changes from 0.8-4.2, it can be judged that the handle is normal.

On the contrary, if the handle is broken, there is also a faster way. Export the line from the controller to find the handle line, try it with the handle, and connect it directly, which indicates that the handle may be broken. Then find the handle connector leading to the front, and finally turn the handle to try. If it is confirmed that the handle is broken, if it does not turn, it indicates that the middle handle line of the handle is open circuit, please replace it.

3. Motor cause.

The hall of the motor is often broken. Once there is a problem with the hall, it may cause the cargo bike to break down or “shake” when working! If the phase line and hall line of the motor are well connected with the controller, please open the power lock to power on the controller and adjust the multimeter to the DC + 20V gear.

Connect the black needle of the multimeter with the negative line of hall. Use a red pen to detect the voltage of the three Hall corresponding lines of the motor. When measuring the three hall lines, gently rotate the motor wheel to see whether the voltage of the multimeter changes by 0-5 volts. If there is no change, it means that the corresponding Hall element is faulty or the hall line is open circuit. Replace it. Otherwise, the hall element is normal.

4. Controller problems

If the controller is damaged, the electric cargo bike will be unable to drive or the driving speed will be slow. Controller is the driving system of electric cargo bicycle, which is the core component of the whole electric bike. Its main function is to control the speed of the motor. The controller cooperates with the speed regulating handle to control the speed of the motor and can cut off the power of the motor with the closing of the brake switch. If the controller is damaged, it can only be replaced.