An electric cargo bike has many accessories, but the core is the battery, because the quality of the battery determines the performance of the electric tricycle, whether to run a short distance or a long distance, whether to charge every day or every few days, so how to choose a good battery and how to charge the electric tricycle correctly are more important. Now let’s talk about the difference between traditional chargers and fast charging chargers, the harm of fast charging chargers to batteries, and what kind of batteries will be more durable.

Charging process of electric cargo bike charger

Electric cargo tricycle is the product of the end of the last century. Due to its excessive advantages, it has quickly replaced bicycles and motorcycles and become one of the most popular means of transportation for the public. Therefore, many people know more about electric cargo tricycles, especially when charging electric tricycles. Generally, when the red light is on, it is charging, and when the green light is on, it is the end of charging. Do you know the process of charging? Is it true that the green light can be fully charged?

The first is the charging process of traditional chargers, which is generally divided into three stages. The first stage is constant current charging, the second stage is constant voltage charging, and the third stage is trickle charging. The first two stages are fast charging, which can fully charge most of the battery. At this time, the green light will also light up. If you don’t unplug and then use a multimeter to detect, there will be a weak current. This is also the trickle charging in the third stage, which also becomes “floating charging”. This process can make the battery fully charged, which is also the reason for the long charging time of traditional chargers.

What is the impact of using a fast charging charger on the battery?

The traditional charger takes about 10 hours to charge, but now major manufacturers have launched the slogan that it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. Is that the improvement of technology or the improvement of charger? In fact, through the comparison between traditional chargers and fast charging chargers, we can know that the so-called fast charging is to increase the charging power, and the natural charging time will be shortened when the output current is large. For example, the output current of traditional chargers is 3a, while the output current of fast charging is 6-8a, so the charging time can also be shortened from 10 hours to about 3 hours.

If the output current of the charger becomes larger, will it affect the battery? It is clearly stated that it will, because the working principle of the battery is the reaction process of chemical substances. If a large current is used for charging, it means that the reaction is accelerated, which will generate more heat, causing the evaporation of electrolyte water and the decline of battery storage. The most intuitive performance is the shortening of battery life and endurance. So in general, it is better to choose slow charging. If you choose fast charging, you should choose brands. Maybe it will be better with technical support.

Which battery is more durable and runs farther?

The last question is what type of battery can run farther and last longer? First of all, understand how to calculate the battery life. Generally speaking, the cycle times of ordinary lead-acid battery is about 400, that of graphene battery is about 800, and that of lithium battery is about 1000. If the electric tricycle is charged every three days, its life is 3 years, 6 years, and 8 years respectively. If it is charged every two days, its life is 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years respectively. Therefore, the battery life depends not only on the number of battery cycles, but also on the frequency of use. Of course, the best is lithium battery, followed by graphene battery, and finally lead-acid battery.

However, we choose electric tricycles for convenience and low price. Although lithium batteries and graphene batteries have long endurance, their prices are also high. Although ordinary lead-acid batteries have low prices, their endurance and service life are also short. Therefore, we recommend other upgraded lead-acid batteries, which are one grade lower than graphene, inexpensive and long-life, suitable for most people.

To sum up, fast charging can be used for electric tricycle charging, but it will damage the battery. Frequent fast charging will reduce the service life of the battery, so it is recommended to use slow charging as the safest way. If you really want to use fast charging, it is best to bring your own charger, and it is not recommended to configure a fast charging charger later.