Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people choose to purchase electric cargo bikes instead of traditional fuel vehicles. However, when choosing electric vehicles, different groups of people have different needs and priority factors to consider. For ordinary families, aesthetics, safety, comfort, and convenience are the main concerns; For delivery people, overload capacity and stability are even more important. This article will analyze and guide the selection of electric cargo bikes from three aspects: vehicle selection, motor performance, and battery parameters.

Different cargo bike models respond to different needs

For ordinary families, the appearance of electric cargo bikes is an essential factor when choosing. For delivery guys, appearance is not very important. In a work environment that requires shuttling through busy streets, safety, portability, and efficiency are more worthy of attention.

For ordinary households, the consideration of comfort and convenience for electric bicycles is not the first priority. Generally speaking, ordinary electric bicycles can meet the requirements, and the key is the low price. The delivery people needs to travel many distances every day, carrying a lot of food and goods. Therefore, load capacity, shock absorption, and stability are all factors that must be strengthened. If the city does not limit friction, higher performance electric friction and electric light friction can be selected.

So, in general, it is more appropriate for families to choose electric cargo bicycles for daily use, and electric bicycles are non motorized vehicles that can be legally used on the road without a driver’s license. Electric motorcycles and electric light motorcycles belong to motor vehicles, and some regions may require a driver’s license.

Different motors provide different power

Due to the improvement of manufacturing technology and the lack of high technology in electric cargo bike manufacturing, the quality of large and small brand vehicles will not differ significantly, and even small brands will have higher quality than large brands. So when choosing a cargo bike, owners need to consider its performance configuration, and the parameters of the motor are the first thing to consider.

Whether for ordinary families or delivery people, they all want to pursue faster, more efficient, and more stable motivation.

So for family commuting, although electric cargo bicycles have low performance, their cost-effectiveness is high. Although they cannot meet ideal needs, they can meet actual needs. For delivery staff, if there are restrictions on driving in cities, they have to choose electric cargo bicycles. They are generally equipped with 250-500W motors, with a maximum speed between 25-50km/h.

Different batteries provide different battery life

In the case of homogenization of electric cargo bike quality, the first thing to look at is the motor, and the second thing to look at is the battery. For ordinary families, the daily commuting radius is mostly within 50 kilometers. If you want to consider higher cost-effectiveness, then choose some mid-range batteries, such as upgraded lead-acid batteries such as the long-distance running king and the cold resistant king. If there is a balance between price and performance, electric bicycles can choose 36V lead-acid batteries, while electric light motorcycles can choose 48V lead-acid batteries.

For household use, lithium batteries can also be chosen because they have fast charging speed and are relatively durable. However, the price is slightly higher, and a budget of only one or two thousand is not necessary to consider. In addition, the safety of lithium batteries is also an issue. Although there are protective measures in place, accidents can still occur in theory.


Different groups of people need to pay attention to different factors when choosing electric vehicles. Overall, most households place more emphasis on appearance and cost-effectiveness, while delivery staff are more concerned about the performance of electric vehicles such as motors, batteries, and shock absorbers. Of course, in places with restrictions in the city, it’s a different story. Delivery workers can also ride electric bicycles, but remember not to modify them without permission.