It is the beginning of the new school year again. Parents have to think about how to pick up their children in the city. With the rapid development of urban economy, more and more people work in the city, and their children also go to school in the city. Parents are very concerned about choosing a suitable means of transportation to pick up the children. There are many cars in the city, and the traffic jam is badly. If you use a bicycle, there will be no traffic jam, but you can only prick up at most one or two children on a bicycle. If you have several children at home, you can’t ride a bicycle, If the bicycle has no raincoat in rainy days and adults and children are easy to catch cold, is there any better choice? The answer is yes, there is a household electric cargo bike which i think is suitable for parents to pick up the children.

The household electric cargo bike is just between cars and bicycles. It retains the advantages of cars and bicycles and discards their shortcomings.

1. The household electric tricycle is smaller than the car and can ride freely on the urban roads without encountering traffic jam.

2. The household electric tricycle is larger than a bicycle. It can sit four children or more, and basically all families can use it enough.

3. The household electric tricycle has a canopy, which can be used even if it rains. Don’t worry about getting caught in the rain.

4. The household electric tricycle has two modes: pedal mode and electric mode. When we want to exercise, we switch to the pedal mode. The pedal model is a very healthy exercise mode. When we feel tired, we can switch to the electric mode, so that we don’t have to step on it, and the cargo bike will continue to move forward, taking us to where we want to go.

5. The household electric tricycle is equipped with a cushion. When we pass the uneven road, we will not feel uncomfortable when sitting on the cushion.

6. The household electric tricycle is equipped with a safety belt. It is safer for children to sit on it and fasten the safety belt.

How to choose a family cargo bike?

After recommending several models, I will teach you some basic selection methods to choose and buy family cargo bikes, especially those for the parents to pick up children. Remember the following points, even if you don’t know about cargo bikes, you can avoid being trapped as much as possible.

1. It is recommended to buy lead-acid version of family cargo bike. After all, it is used by middle-aged or elderly people, and the speed requirement is not too fast. Compared with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries are more stable, collision resistant, and have less risk of fire.

2. Motor and battery. It is difficult for non professionals to see the difference. Just remember that the current motor power is between 500W and 800W, and the lead acid battery capacity of 48V20AH and 60V20AH is the mainstream. In this range, you can purchase according to the budget.