For the traditional electric cargo bikes, it is mainly used for freight transport, not for carrying people. In response, in order to meet this part of the demand, some electric tricycle enterprises are gradually increasing the efforts to build cargo bikes for carrying people. Just recently, the our company released two new cheap electric cargo bikes. It is reported that these two models are not only compact and exquisite, but also have excellent endurance performance. Then, what are the specific models? What about the configuration?

GT806 classic reverse riding cargo bike

This is a classic reverse riding tricycle with the best sales volume of our company. It is generally equipped with a 250W motor and a 36V battery. This configuration is sufficient on ordinary urban roads. If you need to climb a hill where you live, we also have models equipped with a 500W motor and a 48V battery. At the same time, we also have brand configurations, such as Bafang motor, LG battery, Shimano transmission, etc. these brands have special after-sales services all over the word, If you encounter problems that require after-sales service, you can go directly to them. There are two styles, electric and non electric. When you choose the pedal mode, it can be an effective way for you to exercise. There are two stools in the carriage, two children sitting on one side, and four safety belts, so that children can sit on it safely. We also provide soft cushions, so that when you pass through bumpy roads, you won’t feel bumpy and uncomfortable when you sit on the cushions seats. When you feel tired, you can switch it to electric mode, so that you can combine work and rest and match it perfectly.

GT8062 aluminum box

The configuration of this model is basically similar to that of the GT806. The motors are 250W and 500W, and the batteries are 36V and 48V. There are also Bafang brand motors, LG batteries, and Shimano gear. There are also two modes, electric and non electric. They are also four seats, four seat belts, LED headlights, cushions, etc. But the carriage is made of aluminum, and the colors are pink, blue, green, orange, etc. we can also customize the colors according to customer requirements.

Today, I’ll introduce these two products first. We have many other different models. If you want to know more about our products, you can go to our website www.topcargo and check, thank you.