Riding Family Cargo Bikes is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel, but you need to be extra careful when riding in urban traffic. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe when riding Family Cargo Bikes:

1. Wearing a helmet is compulsory
Whether you are an adult or a child, wearing a helmet when riding is necessary. A helmet protects your head in an accident and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Check the vehicle regularly
Regularly check the brakes, tires, lights, bells and other parts of Family Cargo Bikes. Make sure all parts are in good condition to avoid unexpected failures while riding.

3. Learn basic gestures and signals
Learn and use basic hand signals and signals to communicate with other vehicles when turning, parking, or changing lanes. This helps improve surrounding vehicles’ awareness of your intentions.

4. Obey traffic rules
Family Cargo Bikes share space with other vehicles on the road, so riders must obey traffic rules. Stop at red lights and follow traffic signs at intersections to make sure your ride is safe and legal.

5. Pay attention to load balance
If Family Cargo Bikes carry heavy items, make sure they are evenly distributed in the front and rear cargo compartments. Do not place too much weight on one side of the vehicle as this may cause imbalance and a fall.

6. Maintain visibility
When riding at night or in low visibility conditions, make sure your Family Cargo Bikes’ lights and reflectors are working properly. You and your vehicle are more visible to other drivers on the road.

7. Drive carefully
Be especially careful when riding on busy streets and watch for vehicles and pedestrians around you. Stay vigilant and be prepared for emergencies at any time.

8. Educate family members
If your family also rides Family Cargo Bikes, make sure they understand basic safety rules, such as how to wear a helmet properly, when to use hand signals, and what situations require special attention.

By following traffic rules, keeping your vehicle in good condition, and being safety aware, you can ensure that you and your family have a safe experience while riding Family Cargo Bikes.