The unique flexibility and convenience of the electric tricycle make many families prepare one for daily transportation. Today, I will introduce you to the three most important parts of the electric tricycle and tell you about the structure of the electric tricycle. What are the components? What are their respective roles?

First of all, let’s understand that the electric tricycle is composed of the frame, motor, controller, battery, handle, brake system, circuit and light. The three major components commonly mentioned are, motor, battery and controller.

As the power output device of the electric tricycle, the motor is used to convert the electric energy stored in the battery into kinetic energy. Therefore, the speed and strength of your cargo bike depends on the maximum output power of your motor. The greater the output power, the greater the power. In daily use, try to avoid the internal heat accumulation caused by long-term high-speed operation and overload riding, and the thermal attenuation of the motor will affect the service life of the motor.

As the energy storage bin of the entire electric tricycle, the battery is used to provide the power source of the entire cargo bike and the normal operation of the lighting appliances. The battery capacity directly affects the driving mileage of the electric tricycle. Therefore, the distance your electric tricycle can run with a single charge depends mainly on the battery capacity. The larger the capacity, the farther it can run. The current batteries are basically maintenance free batteries, and generally do not need any maintenance, Normally, it is only necessary to control the charging time and do not charge for a long time. Generally, the charging time should be controlled within 8-10 hours.

The controller is the “brain” of the electric tricycle “Yes, it is a device that can make the motor of the electric tricycle start and stop smoothly, and receive the forward and backward and speed signals of the cargo bike. The controller is an integrated circuit board. In order to greatly improve the waterproof and safety, it is made into a closed box. The replacement of the controller is based on the matching of the motor. The controller cannot be used at will. In daily use, the controller is usually the first to break if it is overloaded.

The above are the three most important parts of the electric tricycle. If one of them fails, the electric tricycle will be unable to run. Finally, we hope that the service life of the electric tricycle can be long.