Recently,i see cargo bicycles everywhere in the UK. Why can this kind of simple looking bicycle cause an upsurge in the UK? Here are three advantages of cargo bicycle.

1. It has large carrying capacity, convenience and safety, and has great potential in short distance transportation in the city.

Compared with ordinary bicycles, cargo bicycles can use the same manpower to transport more goods – usually more than 200kg, which is more convenient and safe.

Compared with cars, cargo bicycles are more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical. Small size cargo bicycles also pass through narrow streets without obstruction – which cars can’t do.

If a battery is added, the cargo bicycle driven by electricity has more advantages in climbing, medium and short distance transportation.

Of course, this does not mean that cargo bicycles can replace cars. For example, large commodities such as washing machines and refrigerators can’t carry on cargo bicycles. However, for many small goods, cargo bicycles have great potential in realizing the “last mile” distribution of express companies.

2. The best parent-child transportation for short distance travel with children.

For parents, the kind of bicycle with the body in front saves a lot of trouble: they can put children, toys and odds in the cargo box, and then exercise by cargo bike while supervising the little children sitting in the cargo box, and they don’t have to worry about the crying will annoying of people like taking the bus and subway; For children, the car body is a very safe, comfortable and interesting semi open space.

As long as the size is appropriate, young parents can also put the stroller in the cargo box, take it down and push it away after reaching the destination.

3. Make commodity selling more convenient.

For street vendors, a cool cargo bike is not only convenient to sell, but also the beautiful appearance can attract more attention. cargo Bicycles with large body can better realize the “integration of storage and sales”.

The above advantages make cargo bicycles popular all over the world. Moreover, a good-looking cargo bike is quite eye-catching. At present, Europe is exploring how to make cargo bicycles play more functions, and relevant organizations are working for it, and seeking greater profit and development space. There are special cargo bicycle fan organizations, which regularly organize the discussion of modification and so on.