With the continuous development of the social economy, the urban population is growing and the population is becoming more and more dense. In addition, there are more and more e-commerce in recent years. You can easily buy the goods you want without going out shopping only using your computer or mobile phone at home. You can’t buy things online without express delivery. In recent years, the volume of express delivery business has been increasing. The roads in the city are already very crowded. At this time, many people like to use electric tricycles to deliver express goods.

The electric tricycle has many advantages in delivering express. The car is very big, and the roads in the city are crowded, so it is easy to get stuck in traffic. Compared with cars, tricycles are smaller and easier to walk on the roads, so there is no need to worry about traffic jams. Now the fuel cost is getting more and more expensive, and the fuel consumption of cars is very large. The electric tricycle only needs to be charged instead of burning oil, which saves a lot of costs. At the same time, it does not burn oil and will not pollute the environment. It is a environmental protection product. The delivery capacity of tricycles is slightly smaller than that of cars, but it is enough for the express delivery. Many express deliveries can be loaded at one time, which improves the delivery efficiency of couriers. It can be used in cities and rural areas. It can be adapted from developed areas to less developed areas, and has strong applicability.

Our company is a factory that produces and sells electric tricycles. We have experienced production workers. We not only have tricycles suitable for express delivery, but also two or three wheel cargo bikes which suitable for family use. Our minimum order is one only. Previously, we mainly received batch production orders from wholesale customers. With the rise of e-commerce, we also started retail business. We also receive customized products according to special requirements of customers, including brand motors, Battery, transmission, color, etc. if you have any questions about the electric tricycle, please feel free to contact us. Our professional teams will contact you within 24 hours.