When we buy new electric cargo bikes, we often encounter such a tangled problem. The brake devices on electric cargo bikes are different. Many people are puzzled that the brake devices of electric cargo bike of the same brand and different models are different. Which brake device should we choose to achieve satisfactory braking effect and use for a longer time? The repairman tells you which kind of braking device is better when buying an electric cargo bike?

The commonly used brake devices of electric cargo bikes are drum brake, expansion brake, disc brake and ABS. The types and characteristics of various brake devices are as follows.

Drum brake

Drum brakes, also known as block brakes, are made by squeezing iron brake blocks (i.e. brake drums, which are fixed to the tires and rotate at the same speed) with brake discs in a shape similar to the tambourine, and pressing them on the brake wheels to achieve braking or deceleration effects. At present, the drum brake is mainly of internal expansion type. The drum brake is that the brake pads open outward against the wheel hub, so as to achieve the braking or deceleration effect.

Expansion brake

The expansion brake is mainly composed of brake pads and brake hubs. The brake hub is generally a round hollow metal disc, and the dot is connected with the wheel or axle. Two half moon shaped brake pads are butted inside the brake hub, and the two sharp points of each brake pad correspond to the butting points respectively. One end is a cylindrical shaft, and the other end is an elliptical shaft. When braking, the oval shaft rotates with it, so that the half moon shaped brake pad expands to both sides, and the outside of the brake pad rubs against the wheel hub, producing corresponding resistance to restrain the speed, so as to achieve the braking effect.

Disc brake

The disc brake is composed of brake disc, brake caliper, wheel cylinder, piston, oil pipe, etc. (this set of structure is mainly used in motorcycles and automobiles). The brake disc is generally connected with the vehicle rotating shaft, and there are brake calipers at both ends of the brake disc plane. Two piston brake pads on the caliper. One end of the piston is the oil pipe, and the other end is the brake pad. When braking, the brake oil in the oil pipe is compressed to push the piston to move, eject the brake pads, and make the two brake pads clamp the brake disc, that is, like clamping the rotating disc with pliers, so as to achieve the braking or deceleration effect.

ABS brake

At present, the new electric cargo bike also adopts ABS (anti lock braking system), which uses the sensor installed on the brake system to sense the movement state of the wheel when braking, so as to control the power of the vehicle. For example, when the sensor knows that the growth ring will stop rotating, it will Send a command to the brake system to reduce the braking force, and the speed of the wheel will quickly decline under the action of the brake system. When the wheels resume rotating, the braking force will increase again. When the wheels stop rotating again, the braking force will be repeated continuously to ensure that the wheels are not locked, and this action is very rapid, so as to avoid side sliding, spinning and other accidents caused by wheel locking. Some electric cargo bicycles slow down by clamping the wheel rims with calipers to produce friction.

In short, expansion brake is cheap, drum brake and disc brake are more expensive, and ABS is more expensive. The anti noise function of drum brake is relatively good. Expansion brake and disc brake use friction to restrain the speed, so as to achieve the purpose of deceleration and parking. The main advantages of expansion brake are simple structure and convenient maintenance; The disadvantage is that the brake pads are easy to wear and the braking effect is relatively poor. The main advantage of disc brake is good braking effect; The main disadvantages are complex structure, high cost and easy to lock up. ABS has the advantage of anti lock braking; The disadvantage is that the system is complex.