During the use of electric cargo bikes, many users will encounter such a problem, that is, electric tricycles can not run far. As for this problem, many people’s first reaction is that the battery is not working and needs to be replaced. Is this right? Of course, the answer is No. in addition to the battery, these parts also need to be inspected.

1, The motor has been demagnetized

First, the motor needs to be checked. If the inside of the motor is affected by moisture, rust will occur, which will cause demagnetization failure of the motor, resulting in low energy conversion rate. The most direct manifestation is that the electric tricycle can not run far. How to solve this situation? You can go to the maintenance shop to disassemble the motor and let the maintenance worker remove the rust. Generally speaking, after removing the rust, the electric tricycle can be greatly improved to a certain extent. Of course, if the internal corrosion of the motor is serious, you can only choose to replace it with a new one.

2, Controller aging

Second, we need to check the controller. As one of the most frequently used accessories of electric tricycle, it has a certain service life. If it is aging, the speed of the electric tricycle will decrease, which will lead to the decline of the electric cargo bike’s endurance. How to solve this situation? The controller is aging. Generally, the maintenance method is not adopted, and the problem can only be solved by replacement.

3, Brake failure

In addition, we also need to check the brakes. If the brake is damped or used infrequently, it will also rust, which will cause the brake to be inflexible and difficult to return, thus increasing the resistance of the electric tricycle during driving, and the increased resistance will shorten the range of the electric tricycle to a certain extent, so that the electric tricycle will not run far. How to solve this problem? Remove rust and oil properly.

4, Parts do not match

Finally, it is also the most easily overlooked issue. When many people go to repair the electric tricycle, they will find that every part is normal, but the electric tricycle cannot run far. In fact, the main reason for this problem is the mismatch of parts. Why do you say that? Because the battery, motor and controller need to be matched to give the best power, if one of them does not match, the electric tricycle will be weak and cannot run far. It is also convenient to solve this problem. It can be solved by replacing one of the mismatched parts.

In short, it is not necessarily the fault of the battery that the electric tricycle does not run far, but also the fault of the controller, motor and brake. For users, no matter what kind of fault, they must go to repair and troubleshooting.