With the continuous development of economy, electric cargo tricycles have begun to be popularized and developed in all walks of life. Whether electric cargo bicycles, electric tricycles or electric motorcycles, these electric vehicles have attracted the masses with the advantages of environmental protection and economy. However, the problem that the battery of electric tricycle is not durable puzzles many people. What is the reason? Here’s an analysis for the majority of cargo bike owners!

1、 Electric cargo tricycle batteries are generally lead-acid batteries. When charging, lead sulfate is converted to lead oxide, and discharging is an opposite process. Lead sulfate is a substance that is easy to crystallize. The crystallized lead sulfate is no longer converted to lead oxide, but adsorbed on the electrode plate, resulting in the reduction of the working area of the electrode plate and the easy aging of the battery. However, in terms of the current battery market, lead-acid battery still accounts for the majority, because it is cheaper than lithium battery, but the recovery price is higher than lithium battery, with good high rate discharge performance and more cost-effective. Here we suggest that when environmental sanitation workers buy electric tricycle cleaning vehicles, if the budget is sufficient and they want to make the battery more durable, they should try to choose lithium battery for better effect..

2、 The battery of electric cargo tricycle is prone to vulcanization, because the battery of electric cargo tricycle is prone to deep discharge, high current discharge, high charge and discharge frequently, short-term charging and failure to charge in time after discharge, which are the key factors affecting battery vulcanization.

3、 Most cargo bike controllers have a line loss plug. For their own profit, many dealers do not install the plug, so the current is very large when the electric tricycle is running at high speed, which also greatly shortens the service life of the battery.

4、 Many people do not pay attention to the battery charging time. They will not charge when the charging time is not enough, or the charging time is too long, which will seriously affect the service life of the electric tricycle battery.