As the manufacturer of Family Cargo Bike, we understand that the range of electric Family Cargo Bike is one of the most concerned topics for users. In this article, we will explain in detail the factors that affect the mileage of the electric Family Cargo Bike, and provide some suggestions for users to help you better understand and plan your trip.

Battery type and capacity:
The battery is a key factor in determining the range of an electric Family Cargo Bike. Currently, the common types of batteries on the market are lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries have become the mainstream choice due to their high energy density and light weight. The capacity of the battery is usually expressed in “Ah”, the larger the capacity, the longer the mileage of the electric Family Cargo Bike.

Riding speed and mode:
Electric Family Cargo Bikes are usually equipped with different riding modes, such as economy mode, normal mode and sport mode. In the economy mode, the electric assist is relatively low and the cruising range is long; in the sport mode, the electric assist is high and the cruising range is relatively short. At the same time, the riding speed will also have an impact on the cruising range, and a higher riding speed usually consumes more power.

Load and Road Conditions:
The cruising range of the electric Family Cargo Bike will also be affected by load and road conditions. Larger loads increase drag on the vehicle, causing the electric assistance to work more and thus reducing range. In addition, factors such as undulating roads and strong winds will also affect the endurance performance.

Frequent starting, stopping and braking:
Frequent start-stop and braking processes will increase the energy consumption of the electric Family Cargo Bike, because more energy needs to be consumed when starting. Try to maintain a stable riding speed and avoid unnecessary braking to help extend the cruising range.

Proper charging and maintenance:
Proper charging and battery care are also important factors in maintaining the range of your electric Family Cargo Bike. According to the manufacturer’s suggestion, charging reasonably and avoiding excessive discharge can prolong battery life and improve endurance performance.

Based on the above factors, the cruising range of an electric Family Cargo Bike is usually between 40 kilometers and 100 kilometers, and the specific cruising range will vary due to different configurations and usage conditions. For the needs of most family travel, the mileage of a single charge is sufficient for daily use. If longer range is required, a backup battery or charging facility can be considered.

Finally, we recommend that users carefully understand the battery capacity and performance parameters of the vehicle before purchasing an electric Family Cargo Bike, and choose the appropriate configuration according to their travel needs and habits. For more complex issues or needing further support, please feel free to contact our customer service team and we will be happy to help you.