1. The gears of the differential gear are worn, resulting in abnormal noise due to improper engagement

For electric tricycles that have been used for many years, the differential is prone to aging, which generally manifests as gear wear, resulting in improper bite, which causes abnormal noises from the electric tricycle. For this situation, how to solve it? Generally speaking, as long as you go to the repair shop to replace the new gear, the problem can be solved.

2. The motor is faulty and makes abnormal noise

If the electric tricycle motor has faults such as loose magnetic steel, axial movement, rotor sweeping, etc., then the electric tricycle will appear in an abnormal state. In addition to abnormal speed, it will also make abnormal noises. For this situation, how to solve it? Generally speaking, according to the problems that arise, the faulty parts are replaced. But if it still can’t be solved, the whole motor can only be replaced.

3. Brake failure, causing abnormal noise

If there is a brake failure on the electric tricycle, it will also cause abnormal noise, which generally manifests as three situations: stuck position, too tight, and damaged. So, how to solve it? If it is only stuck and too tight, you can use tools to adjust the tightness. But if it is damaged, it can only be solved by replacing the brake with a new one.

4. There are loose screws and nuts in the whole vehicle, which causes the vehicle to run unstable and make abnormal noises

Finally, it is also a problem that is most easily overlooked by users, that is, there are loose screws and nuts in the whole vehicle. Why do you say that? Because when the screws and nuts are loose, the electric tricycle is extremely unstable when it is running, and when it encounters uneven ground, the vehicle will shake, causing the accessories to collide and make abnormal noises. For this situation, we must pay attention to it, because it is accompanied by safety risks, and it is necessary to tighten the screws and nuts in time and check the condition of the vehicle.

In short, there are generally four reasons for abnormal noise when riding an electric tricycle. For users, no matter what kind of situation they encounter, they need to pay attention to it. If it is just a matter of adjusting the tightness, they can adjust it by themselves. But if the accessories are worn out or aging, then you need to go to a repair shop for repairs.