Some parts of electric tricycles are broken and can be repaired for a long time. It is more cost-effective to repair them than to replace them. However, some parts are broken and it is better to replace them than to repair them. It is also more cost-effective for consumers. If these parts are damaged, it is recommended that consumers choose to replace them, otherwise the normal use of the electric tricycle may be affected, and there may be potential safety hazards.

1. Battery

For the entire electric tricycle, the battery is the core component of the electric cargo bike. However, it is usually replaced after two years of use. Some batteries have been “round” and are still in use. It is recommended not to continue to use the batteries. If they continue to be used, which is extremely prone to fire! In addition, some users want to replace one of the four batteries when they are broken. This is wrong because the voltage and discharge time error of the whole battery pack are extremely small. Rash replacement will bring safety hazards to the whole battery pack and bring risks to the electric cargo bike. Moreover, it is easy broken again to replace a single battery, and it costs more money. It is more cost-effective to replace the whole battery pack!

2. Tire

The tire is rubber and has a certain elasticity. The inner part contains the tire bead. When riding on rough roads or sharp edges, the tire bead will break, The outer tire protecting the inner tire has been injured, and the inner tire will often “bite” the inner tire. The continuous tire repair costs money. It takes time and delays. The outer tire cannot protect the inner tire well. Please replace it! In addition, if there are three or more “bruises” on the inner tube, it is not recommended to repair it. Replace it with a new one. If the inner tube explodes, it is not only dangerous, but also troublesome for you!

3. Brake

A good brake is very important for riding safety on the road. If you don’t have a brake, you will be helpless in an emergency. Once an accident is triggered, it is very dangerous. The brake pads are too thin, the brake can’t hold, and the brakes are tightened for several times. If still in use. Not only do they waste power, but the brakes are not useful. In order to save money, some people only replace the brake pads in order to save money. In fact, the “brake discs” are also worn, and the normal inner brake discs are flat, If it is uneven, please replace the brake assembly!

4. Charger

The charger is a component suitable for battery charging. After a long time of use, it heats up, the circuit board is burnt, the components are discolored, and the shell is deformed. Many adverse factors have a certain adverse effect on the battery. Even if a small original is damaged, the rest of the original will have new faults soon after repair. The original is aging, and the circuit board is aging, so the charger should be replaced. If the battery is broken because the charger is broken, it’s too much to lose!

5. Front shock absorber

The shock absorber slows down the vibration of the whole cargo bike, and oil leakage will occur after long compression rebound, reducing the “elastic” performance, and even causing deformation due to collision. If the deformation is smashed and reset, the rigidity will be weakened, and the shock absorber will be flattened or even more deviated. The “turning” in one direction will bring danger to the riding.

6. Handle

The speed of the motor is adjusted by the controller. If the handle is rotated too hard, it will be screwed off. Some of them are directly “sleeved” and continue to be used, which may cause the cargo bike to be uncontrolled. The inside of the handle is composed of magnets, linear Hall parts, return spring and plastic parts. Once the spring is broken, the internal plastic “stab” is broken, resulting in the separation of the handle, and it is difficult to install it. Even if it can be mounted, it will be pulled out, Accident prone!

7. Front wheel hub

Due to the wear of the bearing, the abnormal sound is heard and the bearing is not repaired in time. The bearing is “rattling”, and the force is uneven. The hub is mostly aluminum ring. The damage of the bearing is easy to cause the bearing to grind the outer circle. Even if it can be used on the thin iron “can” pad, the bearings on both sides will lose their concentricity, and the bearing will be damaged quickly! If the outer circle of the ring is ground, it is better to replace the front ring. The bearing support is not long time use after replacement!

8. Pressure bearing

Its main function is to control the dexterity of turning and better control the turning. Users who have difficulty turning feel that they can’t turn easily and then add oil to continue to ride. In fact, your pressure bearing is broken, and refueling can’t solve it. If you continue to ride, it will damage the front fork. In case of wear and load injury, you will regret it too late!

Some parts of the electric tricycle are worth repairing, but some parts are not necessarily cost-effective. They cost money and may not be durable. Even if some parts are repaired, they may have “complications” and break down after a short time. It is not only a problem of spending more money, but also unfavorable to safety. When a fault appears in front of a professional maintenance worker, listen to his relevant suggestions on whether to change or repair, and make your wise choice.