There are four main reasons for the slow speed-up of electric cargo tricycles.

1、 Motor problem

First of all, the direct factor we need to consider is the motor problem. Why i say that? Because the motor has the most direct impact on the power of the electric tricycle, if it has aged, it will make the motor demagnetize. Once the motor is demagnetized, it will be weak when driving the electric cargo tricycle. The most direct performance is lack of power and can’t run fast or far. In this case, generally speaking, repairing the motor is not significant. We can only choose to replace the new motor to solve the problem of insufficient power of electric cargo tricycle.

2、 Controller problem

Secondly, we need to consider the controller problem. Why i say that? Although the controller is small, it plays a connecting role in the electric cargo tricycle. If there is poor line contact inside it, the whole line will be unstable. The most direct embodiment is that the electric tricycle is intermittent and unable to speed up, which is also an embodiment of insufficient power. For this problem, the part with poor contact can be found for repair. If it is only loose and falling off, it can be connected again. If a connecting wire is corroded, it can only be replaced with a new connecting wire.

3、 Battery problem

In addition, the most important thing is the battery problem. Why i say that? If the battery has aged, when the electric cargo tricycle is charged at this time, although it seems that the tricycle is fully charged, in fact, the charging effect is only less than 50%, and the power of the tricycle is still insufficient. In this case, generally speaking, the problem of insufficient power of electric cargo tricycles can only be solved by replacing new batteries.

4、 Resistance problem

Finally, we also need to check whether the resistance problem causes the lack of power of the electric cargo tricycle. It is mainly reflected in two aspects, including brakes and tires. From the perspective of braking, if it breaks down and increases the driving resistance, it will also cause insufficient power of electric cargo tricycle. From the perspective of tires, it is mainly to check whether there is foreign matter stuck, which increases the driving resistance. For these two aspects, generally speaking, repair and clear them.