There are many bikes in dutch, 2 wheels bikes, 3 wheels cargo bikes, electric version cargo bike and non electric bikes, they love to ride bikes to everywhere, here are something you may not know about bikes in dutch.

First, 17 million Dutch own 22.1 million bicycles.

Just looking at this data, we can see that the number of bicycles in the Netherlands has exceeded the population of the Netherlands, and almost every family has more than 1 bicycles. In the residential area where I lived, people all have electric cargo bike. I use to lived in an apartment in the center of The Hague. I live on the third floor. There is an old couple on the first floor. They ride outside when they have time. One time I talked with him. The first question they asked was do you a bicycle. I honestly told him that there was only one. They looked at me scornfully and said, “It is not enough. When they saw me later, they always asked me if I had bought another cargo bike?

Second, there are more than 40000 kilometers of bicycle lanes.

Let’s be specific: it is 10 times the total length of highways in the Netherlands and 30% of the total length of roads in the country. The length of residential bicycle road ranks first in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that in some parts of the Netherlands, there may be no sidewalks or motorways, but there are too few places without bicycle lanes. Not only in small towns or cities suitable for cycling, but also in the center of the cities, there are bicycle lanes, which are double lanes. Not only the lane itself, but also the road signs, signal light systems and other supporting facilities are perfect.

Third, the parking lot with 12500 parking spaces.

Some people who have stayed in the Netherlands for the past few years should know that Utrecht Railway Station has been repaired for a long time, and it is said that because of the bicycle parking lot. This is also the largest bicycle parking lot in the world. It is located under the central railway station of Utrecht in the central Netherlands. The parking lot helps people find their own parking spaces through the digital intelligent system, and uses the urban public transport card OV-CHIPKART to use it. People can also use bicycle repair stations, where they can repair and maintain bicycles, and sell bicycle spare parts. The parking lot is divided into three floors: the top floor and the bottom floor will be used during the day, while the middle floor will serve for long-term parking. It should be emphasized that parking can be free for up to 24 hours!

Requirements on equipment.

1. Each electric cargo bicycle must be equipped with a bicycle bell. The requirement is that other road users must be able to hear your bicycle bell at a distance of 25 meters.

2. lights and reflectors are necessary, especially for vehicles running at night. At the same time, there are requirements for the color and placement of the lights. For example, the front lamp can only be white or yellow, and the rear lamp can only be red.

3. Although there is no requirement for adults, many people still choose to wear helmets to ensure safety, and there is a requirement for small riders must to wear helmets.

Legal protection.

I have a deep feeling about this, especially when I am a pedestrian or driving. For example, in case of friction between a bicycle and a car, the driver is always responsible if it cannot be proved that the rider is wrong; Even if the fault lies with the riders, they will share the responsibility, as long as the riders are not intentional; If the rider is under 14 years old, he/she shall be fully responsible for driving. I remember when I first came to Holland, when we went to Amsterdam, we pushed our baby carriages through the intersection of bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Basically, few cyclists would give you way. In this special area, cyclists are the real boss.

Celebrities take the lead.

People living in The Hague basically have the opportunity to see Prime Minister Margaret riding his bicycle into various government ministries or parliaments every year. If you live in Wassenaar, you will have a better chance to see King Alexander riding with other members of the royal family nearby. The two most influential people in the Netherlands take the lead, which is really a rare sight in other countries. Cabinet ministers or members of parliament are more frequent guests on the bicycle lane.