Nowadays, there are more and more cargo bikes, and urban traffic is congested. In some places, commuting is not as fast as electric cargo bikes, and electric cargo bikes are also convenient to park. In this context, many people use electric vehicles as a means of transportation, or are preparing to switch to an electric vehicle as a means of transportation. When choosing a new cargo bike, many people will think that big brands are definitely good, but if recommended by industry insiders, big brands such as babboe and urban arrow will have to be sidelined for four main reasons.

Many people have a belief that expensive things are better, and big brand things are better than small brand things. Since electric cargo bikes are a commodity, there is naturally a similar understanding. Through my conversations with people, I can tell that many people are asking about the quality of electric cargo bikes such as babboe, urban arrow, and bullitt, as well as whether they are cost-effective.

The major brands in the electric bicycle industry, also known as household brands, can almost be ranked by sales volume. There are several well-known brands with high sales volume, such as babboe, urban arrow, and bullitt, These brands who frequently ride electric bikes should know them. They are also the preferred brands for everyone when changing cargo bikes.

Insiders do not recommend buying babboe, urban arrow

Although everyone says that big brands have guarantees, is that really the case? If insiders are asked to recommend electric cargo bikes, I don’t think they would recommend buying cargo bikes like the babboe, or urban arrow. If they suggest buying big brands, it means they still don’t know much about them. As for why we don’t recommend big brands, there are mainly four reasons. After reading them, you will understand.

The attributes of electric cargo bikes: To be honest, who cares about the brand of electric two wheeled bicycles? They are all used for short distance transportation, and no one is more noble than others. Therefore, if you choose a cargo bike based on brand awareness, there is no need.

Prices are generally on the high side: Large brands have high visibility, largely due to effective promotion and continuous sponsorship of various TV shows, movies, variety shows, and events. Feedback to the terminal is that prices are generally on the high side. But for many people, price is the top priority when choosing a cargo bike, and high prices can exceed the budget for buying a cargo bike.

The quality varies: Some people choose big brands and believe that the quality of big brand products is guaranteed, but in reality it is different from what they imagine. The high priced cargo bikes of major brands are indeed of high quality, but the quality of some mid to low-end models is not very high.

Not buying big brands ≠ buying cheap cargo bikes

If I were to recommend electric cargo bikes, I would definitely not recommend choosing big brands, but not choosing big brands does not mean choosing cheap bikes. Although market regulatory authorities in various regions are vigorously cracking down on unqualified electric vehicles, there are still many company focus on low prices.

I highly recommend not choosing a cargo bike because its low price,

Apart from big brands and cheap cargo bikes, the rest are small and medium-sized brands, which is also what I want to recommend. Most of these small and medium-sized brands are well-known locally, and the prices of their products are generally lower than those of big brands. However, the quality of their products can be on par with big brands, and some cargo bikes can even surpass big brands. For typical family electric cargo bikes, it’s best to choose small brands, with a focus on high cost-effectiveness.