When I was in school. I like to ride a bike around the school on weekends. I am not a professional bike rider, it is my hobby, i can relax when i do this, i quite enjoy it. I used to thought about riding far away like a professional rider. It seems that it’s difficult for me after i saw the answers of professional riders, so I didn’t implement it (mainly because I didn’t dare to do ha ha).

Now I’m married and i have tow child, the bike is too small for me, so I bought a family cargo bike.It is great i can traveling with my family.

I think riding is the most suitable way to visit the countryside. I don’t like the bus, cause i can’t stop the car when i see a beautiful place. Therefore, only by riding the cargo bike, you can feel the everything of the countryside. more cordially and at your heart, take a picture of your satisfaction, stop at the roadside scenery where you enjoy, ride all the way to the edge of the countryside and touch anywhere of the countryside.

My major is city planning. If you drive on the road in the city, you may feel the traffic jam and waiting for the traffic lights. It’s a purposeful journey. However, when riding, you can always observe the dynamics of the left carriageway and the right sidewalk. Be able to grasp and understand the scale of the road and the problems existing in the design and planning from the perspective that the road is not friendly to the vulnerable party (non motor vehicles and pedestrians). We can observe and experience the impact of the construction of Viaduct on the shops around the ground floor and the longitudinal traffic on people. When passing through the small green landscape in the city, you can feel the great role of this humble landscape in the city. You can ride along the river in the city, find the source, and never forget the surprise at that time…

Recently, I was reading a book, the death and life of big cities in the United States. This is a book written by a non urban planning professional woman to judge the urban planning and construction of the United States. It is from the perspective of the identity of ordinary residents living in the city that she discusses various problems of urban development. When you ride aimlessly, you can get a deeper understanding of the author’s point of view.