Since the world’s first bicycle was born in France in 1790, various bicycles with different functions have been born continuously in the following hundreds of years. Among them, there are 13 categories, including road bikes, mountain bikes, field bikes, station wagons, folding bikes, etc. However, their functions are very simple. They can only carry people but not goods. Today, let’s bring you a practical bicycle that can carry both people and goods – cargo bicycle

It is a bicycle that can meet the needs of modern people in daily life. Compared with ordinary bicycles, cargo bicycles can use manpower to transport more goods. Usually, the load of goods can be more than 200kg, which is more convenient and safer. Compared with fuel vehicles, it is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and more affordable. The front stainless steel wide pedal design enables it to load larger and wider special-shaped goods. The whole bike is welded with stainless steel argon arc welding, which will not cause any problems even when riding in the rain. The unique design makes the structure of this cargo bicycle more compact, and its unique connecting rod steering mode makes the bike more flexible and maneuverable. The humanized parking design with double brackets makes it more convenient and safe.

In addition, in order to ensure normal use in rainy days, some cargo bicycles are also equipped with rain covers, so that rainy days can not stop us from riding. At the same time, some businesses have begun to equip cargo bicycles with motors. Such a power system makes it easier for us to go farther. We can easily pass the roads with large slopes in the past.

With the increasingly serious environmental problems and the world situation of reduced fuel reserves, cargo bicycles are becoming more and more popular. If you need to consider both ordinary bikes and cargo bikes, but do not want to occupy too much space, choosing to buy a cargo bicycle is your best solution!