As the manufacturer of the Family Cargo Bike, we understand that frequent burnout of the electric Family Cargo Bike motor may cause inconvenience and additional costs to users. In this article, we’ll explore some of the common causes that can cause an electric Family Cargo Bike motor to burn out, and provide some solutions to help users avoid these problems and prolong the life of the motor.

Overload operation:
Running overloaded is one of the common causes of electric Family Cargo Bike motor burnout. If the rated load of the motor is exceeded or it is in a state of high power output for a long time, the motor may be damaged due to overheating. It is recommended to avoid long-term high power output during riding, and reasonably control the use of electric assistance to reduce the load on the motor.

Improper use or handling of:
Improper use or operation of the electric Family Cargo Bike may also result in damage to the motor. For example, pedaling hard when starting off, ignoring the motor’s launch assist function, or applying excessive force when climbing a hill can place excessive load on the motor. Please read the owner’s manual for proper use and operating recommendations, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Water involved or wet environment:
The motor needs to be kept dry for proper operation. If the electric Family Cargo Bike is exposed to moisture or if the motor is touched by water, it may cause motor failure. Please take care to avoid using the electric Family Cargo Bike in rainy or wet conditions, and make sure the motor and its connected parts are kept dry.

Improper maintenance:
Improper maintenance and care can also cause failure of the electric Family Cargo Bike motor. For example, ignoring the regular inspection and maintenance of the motor, or not replacing the severely worn transmission system parts in time, these may cause the motor to be overloaded or work unstable. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance and servicing, including inspection and repair of the motor and drivetrain.

If your electric Family Cargo Bike motor burns out frequently, please contact our customer service team or authorized repair center for further diagnosis and repair. Our team is here to provide support and solutions to help you resolve your issues and extend the life of your Electric Family Cargo Bike motor.

in conclusion:
Frequent burnout of the electric Family Cargo Bike motor can be due to reasons such as overload operation, improper use or operation, water involvement or wet environment, and improper maintenance. Following the correct method of use, controlling the load, maintaining a dry environment and performing regular maintenance are the keys to prolonging the life of the motor and avoiding frequent burnouts. If you have any questions or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.