Nowadays, electric family cargo tricycles are very common everywhere, and they are a very common means of transportation. With their lightness, convenience, and easy operation, they have captured a large number of fans, especially rural families. Almost every family has an electric tricycle! But buying an electric car is also a big question. If you buy a bad electric tricycle, it is also very frustrating. How to choose an electric tricycle? Many consumers are prone to fall into the following misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding one. Whether it is good to buy an electric cargo bike mainly depends on the battery. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Now the electric tricycle battery technology is very mature. As long as the supporting batteries produced by regular manufacturers are used, the quality and performance are almost the same, but the performance of electric tricycles with different qualities is quite different. The quality of the electric tricycle is the most important thing. A good-quality electric tricycle can be ridden for seven or eight years. During this period, if the battery is broken, just replace it with a set of batteries. However, even if the quality of the battery is good, the electric tricycle with poor quality will often If there are other failures, the battery will be scrapped together with the battery after one or two years of riding.

Misunderstanding two. As long as you haven’t heard of them, they are all non-brand cargo bikes. Now there are hundreds of brands of electric tricycles, big and small, and there are dozens of brands that are familiar to everyone in the industry. However, consumers are relatively blind. They only know about electric tricycles through the media or neighbors, relatives and friends, and they buy them as everyone knows. Electric tricycles are big brands, and some well-known brands with high cost performance in the industry are often regarded as miscellaneous brands.

Look at the frame first. A complete tricycle frame includes main frame, rear chainstay, middle support, side support, rear shelf, handlebar and other components. The frame bears the weight of the accessories of the tricycle and bears various loads generated when the tricycle is running. Therefore, every structure of the frame is very important.

The quality of the frame is directly related to the safety, stability and durability of the vehicle. How to judge the pros and cons of a tricycle frame? The key is to look at the quality of the steel. Consumers should not blindly think that thick frame pipes must be good when purchasing. The steel used for the normal electric tricycle frame conforms to the national standard. The steel surface is smooth and thick, with high strength, and the surface treatment is meticulous and does not rust; while the steel used by the low-priced car does not meet the national standard. Very thin, low strength, and easy to break, the frame of a cheap car is generally more than 5 kg lighter than a normal car. As the skeleton of the entire tricycle, the tricycle frame affects the quality and safety of the vehicle to the greatest extent.

Also look at the details. The devil hides in the details, and the combined energy of each detail can destroy everything. This is especially true for tricycles assembled with hundreds of screws. Although the screws are small, they can reflect the quality of the tricycle to a large extent. Generally speaking, most of the better quality screws are silver and green. Most of them are yellow and white.

Of course, consumers should also carefully check every part during the purchase process. Plastic lamps and instruments, compartment locks, battery compartments, pressure plates and other components can all reflect the quality problems of tricycles.

Finally look at the line. Now the tricycle routes on the market are more complicated, but how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of tricycles from the routes? The simplest thing is the layout. The layout design of the high-quality three-wheeled wire harness cores has been carefully processed, while the low-quality ones are randomly stuffed in; Not only is it easy to corrode and rust after a period of time, but even the insulating material that acts as a protection on the outside is also prone to aging and cracking, causing line failures.

The quality of an electric cargo tricycle determines its lifespan and the convenience and trouble it brings during use. Buying a good-quality electric tricycle saves time and effort and saves a lot of trouble, while inferior electric tricycles seem to save money. It is troublesome to go to both ends of the car every three days, so when buying an electric tricycle, you must keep your eyes open, and don’t ignore the quality just to save money, so as not to lose the big!