Many people can ride electric tricycles. Some people think that electric tricycles are very simple to ride without much attention. In fact, electric tricycles also need to master a lot of knowledge. Today, I will tell you how to easily master the driving skills of electric tricycles.

1. When driving on the uneven road, try to drive slowly at low gear. When conditions permit, the method of curve driving shall be adopted to avoid the pit, convex and sharp. If necessary, the driver can drive in a semi squatting posture, with both hands firmly controlling the handlebars. The passengers should try to ride in the rear position, so as to select a good road surface for the main vehicle and reduce the pressure of the side vehicles to avoid damage to the side wheels.

2. When driving on the field road, the cargo bike shall avoid the soft road as far as possible, and the passengers shall sit in the back seat to reduce the pressure of the side wheels. Pay attention to collapse and anti-skid on the field road after rain.

3. When driving on hill, most hill roads lean against the mountain on one side and slope on the other side. The road surface is narrow. Sometimes, the sand and stones washed down from the mountain in the rain are piled up to form roadblocks. Under such road conditions, try to drive inside, and the passengers also stay inside. When the main vehicle is inside, sit behind, while the side vehicle is inside, and always balance the weight to the inside. First, keep the electric tricycle running smoothly, try to control the speed of the vehicle on the basis of the speed, slow down when turning, and sound the horn before passing; When passing a car, try to avoid the curve. If necessary, choose a safe place to stop and give way.

4. When driving on ice and snow roads, you should be more vigilant and drive at a constant speed. You should not hit the direction or make emergency braking. When there are passengers, you should sit on the side bucket to keep the car’s stable counterweight. Anti chain can be added if necessary.

5.When it is loaded or uphill. It is better to pedal it manually when starting. When there is a certain speed, it will be switched to pure electric driving. Because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction. At this time, the current is large, close to or even reach the stalling current, so that the battery operates with a large current and accelerates the damage of the battery.

6. If the electric tricycle encounters rough or steep roads, it should drive slowly or get off the vehicle. Avoid frequent braking and starting when driving, so it is best to drive at low speed in places with large traffic.

7. The electric tricycle is not afraid of rain, but in order to prevent water from entering the motor, the height of water involved shall not exceed the lower edge of the electric wheel hub bearing seat. After riding in rainy days, the motor and other electrical parts shall be dried as soon as possible to prevent short circuit or leakage.

8. During the driving process of the electric tricycle, the speed shall be controlled according to the actual situation of the road surface. When braking is not required, it is strictly prohibited to put your hand on the brake handle. Drive at a low speed on uneven roads and hold the steering handle tightly with both hands to prevent the violent vibration of the steering handle from injuring fingers or wrists.