The convenience and speed of electric cargo bikes are deeply loved by everyone, and the range issue of electric vehicles is also a “heart knot” that troubles many car owners. Perhaps you have unknowingly entered a “misconception” during the use of electric cargo bikes. Today, the after-sales technician will come up with a solution for everyone.

1.Daily charging

The endurance of electric cargo bikes mainly depends on whether the electric vehicle and battery are sufficient or not! Daily charging is very important, for example, elderly or moms who may ride short distances multiple times a day should replenish their battery at once that night or the next day. It is not allowed to charge multiple times in a short period of time, as it may damage the electric cargo bike battery!

For office workers, if they ride for more than 10 kilometers, the battery of a regular electric vehicle is roughly consumed by half. To ensure battery health and return range, they should be charged in a timely manner, preferably until fully charged!

2.Maintenance and use

Many cargo bike owners have the question: Why can’t the battery run far when it’s new? Firstly, we need to recognize that the load weight of electric vehicles is generally 75kg. When driving with passengers, its range will inevitably be compromised.
Secondly, the endurance of electric vehicles largely depends on the road conditions. If you often walk uphill or bumpy roads, electric cargo bikes can be very difficult to drive and their range can also be affected.

3.Regular maintenance

Many cargo bike owners are quite rough with electric vehicles, and only when they can’t run, do they come up with the idea of troubleshooting. In fact, in addition to daily cycling, we should also pay attention to the “health” of electric vehicles.

For example, check the tightness of the brakes and observe if there is any looseness or abnormal noise near the rear wheel motor. When parking the vehicle, avoid exposure to sunlight and rain! Electric vehicles run smoothly, and the battery will be more durable.

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