At present, electric cargo bikes are very popular, and almost every family has them. Everyone is also familiar with electric cargo bikes. Electric cargo bikes operate through electricity, and there are batteries on electric cargo bikes. When electric cargo bikes have no electricity, the batteries need to be charged, and the use of batteries is not so easy. There are a lot of attention to be paid during installation, after all, it has a great impact on electric bikes. It is very important for users to understand the installation precautions of electric cargo bike battery. Now we will introduce them in detail.

(1) The battery shall be installed in a position with good ventilation, good heat dissipation and stable center of gravity.

(2) Due to the large weight of the battery, the quality of the battery box should meet the requirements of the battery weight.

(3) The battery should be installed upright and not upside down (the upside down of the battery needs to be specially explained to the battery manufacturer, and can be installed upside down with the consent of the manufacturer). There should be no water accumulation. The battery should be installed firmly to ensure that the battery will not move and rub each other during use, and at the same time, it should be anti vibration and anti pressure.

(4) Batteries should be used in groups, and should not be confused.

(5) The size of the battery box shall meet the requirements of battery installation and operation, and ensure that the spacing between any two batteries is greater than 2 mm; For the vertically arranged battery pack, the battery and battery in the vertical direction need to be fixed, and the battery overlap and compression are not allowed.

(6) The connecting wire diameter of the battery shall comply with the relevant electrical installation regulations. The connection between the battery and the wire shall be welded or bolted, and the connection shall be firm. The connection terminals and sealing parts shall not be damaged during the welding operation, and the connecting wires shall not be crossed, overlapped, or squeezed.

(7) When installing the battery, first disconnect the electric switch lock of the electric vehicle to prevent ignition during wiring and fire.

(8) Insulation measures shall be taken for the tools used for installation, and short circuit shall not occur when connecting wires.

(9) The interior of the battery box shall be flat and smooth, and a through hole shall be left on the upper part to ensure that the combustible gas generated by the battery during charging and discharging can escape smoothly. Electric door locks, safety seats and other devices prone to electric sparks shall be isolated from the battery to avoid accidents.

(10) The battery is used in series, that is, the positive pole of one battery is connected with the negative pole of the other battery to connect all batteries together, and the remaining positive and negative terminals are connected with wires for the corresponding wiring of electric vehicles. The battery is connected with the positive and negative outgoing lines of the whole battery, and tapping is not allowed.