The electric family cargo bikes, it is a bicycle that can carry people or goods. Unlike ordinary bicycles or electric bikes, Firstly electric family cargo bikes have a greater load capacity, secondly it allows manual pedaling, and thirdly it has a good appearance.

There are some predictions in London in recent months about the growth of electric family cargo bikes in the UK. According to the British Cycling Association (BAGB), about 4000 electric family cargo bicycles were sold in the UK last year, of which about 50 / 50 were used by businesses and households / individuals. British Cycling Association added that it expects UK sales of cargo family bike to grow by 60% in the coming year.

One “super mother” finch once assembled a family cargo bike herself because she had to walk 20 miles a day to pick up her six children to and back from school. At first she wanted to buy an SUV to solve the problem of picking up her children, but one night she changed her mind when searching for “family cargo bike” on the Internet. At that time, Finch fell in love with a traditional Dutch cargo bicycle. The front wheel of the bicycle is small and the rear wheel is large. A bucket is installed between the two wheels, which can accommodate multiple children to sit down.

After some careful consideration, Finch decided to ride this modified cargo bike on the road. Now she has fully adapted this and it helps hes lost 12 kilograms.

Nevertheless, Britain still has a long way to go to catch up with some continental European neighbors in terms of electric family cargo bicycles. The annual sales volume of family cargo bicycles in Germany is about 100000 and in France is about 50000.

Electric family cargo bicycle is a green energy bikes, which is invented to provide cleaner air, healthier life and better earth environment for all our residents and enterprises.

Major UK industries such as supermarkets and construction are already experimenting with electric cargo bike and cargo bicycles. This may feel like a revolution – if national and local authorities continue to promote the benefits of two and three wheels of electric cargo bike.

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