With the development of electric cargo bike, its popularity among the crowd is also getting higher and higher. While enjoying the development brought by technology, we should also pay attention to our own safety. Here are some driving methods and skills of electric cargo bikes.

1. Do not drive in reverse. Reverse driving will greatly increase the risk of collision with opposite vehicles.

2. Do not overload people. Overloading will make the vehicle difficult to control, and it is very prone to serious traffic accidents.

3. Observe the signal light. Don’t go when it is red light.

4. Control the speed. The electric cargo bike has poor steering and braking performance and unstable center of gravity. It should slow down in advance when passing downhill, intersection, and other complex sections, so as to prevent the bike from rolling over due to sudden braking.

5. When driving on the uneven road, drive slowly at the lowest possible speed. If you can better take the method of curve driving, bypass the pit, edge, tip, and drive in a squat position when necessary. Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, and the passengers’ center of gravity should be lowered as far as possible. Mainly in order to avoid the centralized stress damage of the tires, choose the crossed road, and reduce the pressure and excitation of the side car of the tricycle bike.

6. When driving on the field road, the cargo bike should try to open up a soft road to reduce the pressure on the side wheels. The road between paddy fields after rain we must pay attention to collapse and skid resistance.

7. Walking mountain roads. Many mountain roads are backed by mountains. One side is a hillside, and the road is narrow. The barricade is composed of sand and gravel piles flowing down from the mountain in the rain. In this road condition, the driving is on the inner side, and the passengers are also on the inner side. The side car sits on the inner side, and there are always heavy objects on the inner side. Maintain the smooth driving of cargo bikes. On this basis, try to control the vehicle to move forward at a constant speed and slow down when turning.Bikes that must pass after honking should try to drive in the corners of remote places, and choose a safe place to stop and give up their seats according to needs.

8. Be more vigilant and drive at a constant speed in ice and snow areas. It is not allowed to turn the direction sharply or make emergency braking. When there are passengers on the cargo bike, keep the stable counterweight of the bike. It is necessary to wear snow chains.