Many people want to buy second hand electric family cargo bikes to carry their kids. Here are some points you should pay attention to when buying second hand electric cargo bikes.:

1. Pay attention to the performance of electric cargo bikes

All used cargo bikes have been driven for a period of time, so there will inevitably be problems. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the parts in key parts. The most important thing about transportation is safety. You’d better try to ride more, simulate the problems you may encounter on the road, and pay attention to the tires, brakes and other places.

2. Pay attention to electric cargo bike battery

The battery has a limited life and is the most easily worn part of electric bikes. Before purchasing, you can check whether the battery is original. Generally, the batteries of second hand electric cargo bikes need to be replaced. It is recommended that you go to a good store to replace the batteries!

3. Pay attention to electric cargo bike motor

The motor is the heart of electric bikes. If the motor is too old, the power consumption will increase significantly. The motors of high-quality electric cargo bikes are customized and of fine workmanship. The brand logo is cast or printed, and the strip code is pasted to identify the vehicle information.

Another way is to listen to whether there is abnormal noise when riding, whether there is power when running, and whether there is abnormal heating when riding for a certain time. If possible, check the motor current to see whether it is within the normal range. If the current is too large, the motor is seriously aged.

4. Pay attention to the source of electric cargo bikes

When buying an electric cargo bike, you should first determine whether the bike is from a regular channel. Don’t buy a cargo bike from an unknown source. Even if the cargo bike is new and the price is low, don’t get into trouble.

However, it is suggested we should try to choose a new electric cargo bike. There are some problems with second hand electric cargo bikes. We are not professionals, so we cannot fully confirm the quality of the cargo bike is good or not. We are afraid to buy a second hand electric cargo bike with poor quality.

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