Tires are naturally very important for electric cargo tricycles. Without tires, you can’t drive at all. Today, we are talking about the impact of tire size on cargo bike driving:

1. Electric cargo bikes don’t mean that big and small wheels will make a difference. It depends on the weight of the cargo bike body.

2. It is generally believed that a cargo bike with small wheels has a low center of gravity and is stable. In fact, the center of gravity of the cargo bike depends on the design of the bike itself. There are many cargo bikes with small wheels with high center of gravity. This can be seen intuitively from the height of the pedal above the ground. A cargo bike with a low chassis naturally has a low center of gravity and high safety. There are also some cargo bikes with big wheels, and the center of gravity is designed to be very low.

A cargo bike with big wheels has a strong ability to climb and cross obstacles, and its shock absorption is better than a car with small wheels. When you go to see motorcycles in international competitions, they all use big wheels, which is the reason.

When it comes to wheel size, we must also mention the width of tires, which can be divided into wide tires and narrow (also known as standard) tires.

3. With wide tires, the friction coefficient between the cargo bike and the ground when running is high, and the energy consumption is also severe. Therefore, if the same cargo bike is replaced with wide tires, the mileage will be less than that of narrow tires.

The advantage of wide tires is that they have strong bearing capacity, so wide tires are generally used in high load vehicles or machinery, and rarely used in civil and household vehicles. You will find that the tires of motorcycles, electric cars are standard without special widening. When the load-bearing capacity meets the requirements, the advantages of portability and energy saving of vehicles with standard tires are obvious.

4. The load capacity of the cargo bike is not only determined by the width of the tires, but also depends on the frame structure of the whole cargo bike. If your frame can only carry 100 kg, it is useless to install wide tires that can carry 300 kg.

5. Now there are many old electric cargo bikes and old scooters on the market, which all use wide small tires, making people feel small and solid, which is just the feeling from the appearance. The center of gravity control (chassis position) is still high, and the shortcomings of heavy cargo bike weight and energy consumption have also been exposed, while the load capacity of the bike has not been strengthened due to wide tires.

6. There is no obvious difference between good and bad in the size and width of tires. It should be practical.