The weather is getting warmer, and it’s the season for going out and cycling again. It’s convenient and fast to take a short trip by riding an electric cargo bike. However, when riding an electric cargo bike out, everyone is most worried about whether the bike will be stolen? Whether the whole electric cargo bike is stolen or only the “battery” in the electric cargo bike is stolen, it is a big loss for everyone. Take a look at the following anti-theft techniques to make your riding plan worry free


Equipped with high-quality lock

Reason: thieves mainly by cutting the anti-theft lock with forceps or directly prying the lock. Generally, only one tool is selected for theft convenience. Then equip two different types of locks to effectively improve the safety factor.

Anti theft skills: for users who want to take down the battery of electric vehicles to charge, it is best to adopt chain lock or atomic lock.


Install alarm device

Reason: the alarm sound has a deterrent effect on thieves. If the alarm is installed on an electric cargo bike, skilled thieves can sometimes steal the battery in more than ten seconds. Once the alarm loses power, it will not work.

Anti theft skills: it is recommended to install the alarm in the battery box. Once the battery is stolen, it will automatically alarm, which has a warning effect on thieves.


Do a good job of safe parking

Reason: far areas are the most vulnerable to theft, and it is best to park in a place under supervision.

Anti theft skills: don’t put your bike too far, park it in a place that is easy to observe, and it’s better to be within the shooting range of the camera.


Mark the electric cargo bike

Reason: make the thief and the stolen goods collector have scruples, which is easy to find.

Anti theft skills: paint indelible marks on the obvious position of the electric cargo bike.


Strengthen anti-theft awareness

Reason: if it is unfortunately stolen, please keep calm and look for police assistance in time.

Anti theft skills: call the police and take on-site photos for the convenience of solving cases.

Police tips

The more convenient it is to remove the battery box, the greater the chance of being stolen. As the most expensive part of electric vehicles, batteries account for about one-third of the cost of the entire electric cargo bike. Before buying batteries, you can configure appropriate anti-theft facilities for electric cargo bikes according to your actual situation, which can reduce losses.