1. Protect it well when parking in rainy days

When parking an electric cargo tricycle in rainy days, it is best to cover it with plastic film or raincoat to prevent short circuit of the line or damage of controller, brake device, horn and other equipment due to the immersion of rain. There is a lot of water in the rainy Road area. The electric tricycle runs in the water for a long time, or the cargo bike is placed in the open parking lot for a long time. If it rains continuously for several days, the controller will be short circuited due to excessive moisture.

2 Take a sponge with the cargo bike for cleaning when need.

You can put a sponge behind the seat of the electric cargo tricycle. You can wipe it off when there are dust on the surface of the electric cargo bike. If there is soil and rain, it can also be wiped with a sponge. Compared with ordinary cleaning cloth, the sponge is easier to clean.

3 Put some lubricating oil on the parts where need

Electric cargo bike should be oiled frequently. Friends who used to riding electric cargo tricycles should know that if tricycles are not oiled for a long time, strange sounds will appear when riding. After being oiled, not only will this sound disappear, but also feel that tricycles will be much lighter. The same is true for electric cargo tricycles. If you ride for a period of time, you should oil it yourself to ensure that its running bearings can be protected and its service life can be prolonged.

4.Don’t ride it when the weather is bad, it need having rest also

In case of bad weather, it is recommended that you do not ride electric cargo tricycles. There is no adverse impact in the short term, but in the long term, it will shorten the service life of electric cargo tricycles.

What if the electric tricycle breaks down?

When an electric tricycle breaks down, the first thing is to check the fault phenomenon. There are many break down phenomena of electric cargo tricycles, such as no rotation of wheels, no power cut,headlights problem , etc., but no matter how many fault phenomena, they can be divided into two categories:

One is flexible fault: it means that sometimes it occurs, sometimes it does not occur, or there is no obvious logic to follow. If a circuit in the controller is abnormal, sometimes the contact is good, and the motor operates normally; Sometimes, if the contact is not good, the motor will start powerlessly. For such faults, relevant aspects must be analyzed first and relevant parameters must be measured. If there is no good way to solve it, the simplest and most effective method is to replace the broken parts.

The other refers to that once such fault occurs, it will remain unchanged, the fault scope will not be expanded and transferred, and the fault phenomenon will not change. If the power-off brake handle is damaged, which makes it impossible to cut off the power supply of the motor, replace it with a new one. This kind of fault is easier to repair. Generally, it can be judged by understanding some theoretical knowledge.

In addition, there is a principle in the maintenance of electric cargo tricycles, that is, the minimization principle. The simple problem should be solve in simple way. For complex problems, we should grasp the key points of the problem and find a way to solve it.

Note: if the electric cargo tricycle has some minor faults, such as brake line problem, headlamp problem,etc, it is best to seek the help of professional maintenance personnel to avoid secondary damage to the electric cargo tricycle due to wrong maintenance methods.