Electric cargo tricycles can be divided into family type,company type and so on. In order to better protect it and prolong its service life, today i made following summary, hope it is helpful for you.

When riding, staring the left and right coaxial motor together, integrated motors generate electricity and supply power to each other, so that the electric cargo tricycle can run for a long time, which not only saves energy and does not pollute the environment, but also plays a positive role in protecting the battery and motor, but also reduces the using cost in our daily life.

When driving on the deep water road in rainy days, the water depth can not exceed the wheel center of the electric cargo tricycle. If the water depth of the driving road area exceeds the wheel center of the electric cargo tricycle, the electric wheel may leak and cause damaging the tricycle. Avoid exposing the whole vehicle to the sun and rain for a long time, so as to avoid damaging the components in the controller, which may causing driving problem or accidents. The structure of the electrical control part is complex, users should not disassemble or repair it without authorization. If the charging voltage is unstable, it is easy to melting the charger fuse. It is recommended to use AC voltage regulator when charging.

It is normal for an electric cargo tricycle to feel heavy in reverse or there might be a slight friction sound in the wheel hub when pushing forward. The whole electric cargo tricycle shall not be placed in places with humid air, high temperature and corrosive gas, so as to avoid chemical corrosion on the electroplated paint surface of metal parts.

There are three precautions for maintenance in winter:

1. In winter, due to more rain and snow, try to park indoors to avoid being eroded by rain and snow, which will hurt the skeleton.

2. If it is not often used in winter, it is recommended to remove the battery and put it indoor.

3. After using of electric cargo tricycles, they will become very dirty. Before put them indoors in winter, try to clean them first.