There is no essential difference between the battery of electric tricycle and that of ordinary two wheeled vehicle. Generally, lead-acid battery is the main battery. Some are lithium batteries, the charging and discharging times of the battery are limited,So the essence is how to run longer distance in the limited charging and discharging cycles.

1. The electric cargo tricycle is designed to delivery goods, normally the load is relatively heavy. For saving manufacturing cost of electric cargo tricycle. It is impossible to make the battery capacity very large, so the discharge current of the battery is limited. Long time high current discharge will hurt the battery itself. Under this condition, when carrying heavy load, try to slow down the speed of tricycle as much as possible.

2. The output current of the instantaneous acceleration motor will also be very large, when you ride electric cargo tricycle, you should control your right hand and do not try to ” racing” with the car on the side. When accelerating, you must do it slowly, so that the output current will be much smaller and more stable, which is good for the battery.

3. The electric cargo tricycle is not broken by often using , but broken by stopping for long time. When it is not in use, it should be charged at least once a month to avoid battery damage caused by battery loss.

4. The electric cargo tricycle need often discharge deeply. The power of the battery should be maintained at more than 30%. The battery capacity decreases in winter, and the charging time should be slightly longer. Generally, the charging time is controlled at about 8 hours. The quality of charger is also very important. Do not use fast charging. If you use range extender, you should also pay attention to whether the output voltage of range extender is stable.

5. Although electric cargo tricycles are working outdoors, when not in use, avoid parking and exposure in the sun, which will also damage the battery.

6. If the battery fluid is reduced, it must be supplemented in time, otherwise the battery will be heated and damaged. Avoid frequent braking when using the trike. These are important details for maintaining the battery.

7. The theoretical design service life of electric cargo tricycle battery is two years. Because of the heavy load, it’s good to use it for more than one and a half years. Many batteries can only be used for about one year. When the service life is reached, they can only be replaced.