Nowadays, thieves are rampant. Here are some suggestions for anti-theft of cargo bike. You can refer to them and try to avoid tragedies.

  • Tip 1: try to store the cargo bike in the basement or small room. Tricycles should not be placed indiscriminately. Especially during lunch break or dinner time at night, tricycles are frequently lost. So pushing the cargo bike into the basement or small room is the best way.
  • Tip 2: store it in the parking lot and other places under supervision. Where there is a parking shed, it is best to store the tricycle in a parking lot under the care of someone.
  • Tip 3: in the daytime, if there is no security door in the corridor or the security door is not good to use, try to lock the cargo bike and park it at the door. In this way, the thief will take care of the residents in the buildings.
  • Tip 4: Internet cafes and supermarkets are the areas where thieves are rampant. The solution is after entering the supermarket or Internet cafes and other public places, take a look at the cargo bike from other corners and wait for 2 or 3 minutes before leaving.
  • Tip 5: add obvious marks on your tricycle, preferably paint it. Thieves should avoid cargo bike with obvious self marking because they are not easy to sell. The paint has a protective effect on the cargo bike paint, which will not corrode and will not fall off easily
  • Tip 6: lock when leaving the cargo bike. When leaving the cargo bike, be careful to lock when you stop. This is the least you should do to prevent the theft of tricycles. Not that locking can completely prevent theft, but at least it can cause difficulties for car thieves.

Four methods of locking:

  • 1. The quality of the lock should be high quality. When buying locks, you should go to the official booth and use the locks produced by the official manufacturer. It is also important to purchase locks with good anti-theft performance to improve the safety factor.
  • 2. Double lock method. In order to enhance the insurance coefficient and increase the difficulty of cargo bike theft, each cargo bike is equipped with two locks. Generally, it can be equipped with an anti prying lock to lock the rear wheel and a wire lock to lock the front wheel. Stop the cargo bike and get used to it.
  • 3. Interlocking method. The owner can interlock the two single cargo bikes with wire locks. If both cargo bike have wire locks, they can use both wire locks.
  • 4. Reinforcement method. If the parking time is long, it is better to fix the cargo bike lock on the objects that cannot be moved, such as pipes.

The selection guide of tricycle lock is as follows:

1. Fixed lock

When I buy a tricycle, I usually have a lock installed. This self-equipped tricycle lock has a very simple structure and is fixed on the car. Even if there is no key, it can be opened with a few clicks, and even the whole lock can be easily removed.

2. Cable lock (soft lock)

Generally, the soft lock is the cable lock, which is mainly used to assist the fixed lock.

3. U-shaped lock

Although the U-shaped lock is not as flexible and convenient as the soft lock, its firmness is far higher than the soft lock.

4. Automatic alarm lock

Of course, the anti-theft of tricycles should also use scientific and technological means. This kind of lock is also installed on the tricycle or electric vehicle. When the tricycle is parked, the alarm switch will be turned on for ten seconds and then it will automatically enter the anti-theft state. When the vehicle body is moved or collided, the alarm will give out a sharp alarm sound for more than ten seconds, and then it will automatically enter the anti-theft state. If it is touched again, it will give an alarm again. Some of them also have remote control functions. There is a point to pay attention to when using this lock. This lock needs independent power supply from the battery. Remember to replace the battery at an appropriate time, otherwise the alarm function will be in vain.