In recent years, electric bikes and electric cargo bikes have developed rapidly and gradually entered the homes of many users. However, many users have made difficulties in choosing which one is better?

To this question, my answer is that it is better to choose electric bikes for daily ride, while it is better to choose electric cargo bikes for freight transportation. Why do you say so? The following is a detailed explanation from five aspects.

First, load

The electric bike is small in size and limited in load capacity. Generally, the maximum load is less than 100 KG. The electric cargo bike has a carriage with a higher load capacity, which can generally carry hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, from the perspective of load, electric tricycles are more dominant.

Second, power

The motor power of mainstream electric bikes is generally about 350-1500W, while the motor power of electric tricycles is generally about 800-2000w. In comparison, the electric tricycle will be more powerful and more dominant.

Third, endurance

The normal range of ordinary electric bikes is about 60-100 kilometers, and some models can reach about 150 kilometers. While the normal range of ordinary electric tricycles is 50-80km, few models reach 100km. Therefore, from this point of view, electric bikes are more dominant.

Fourth, operation

The operation of ordinary electric bikes is relatively convenient and the difficulty coefficient is low. And the electric tricycle has higher operation requirements. Therefore, from this point of view, ordinary electric bikes will be more dominant.

Fifth, price and comfort

In addition, there is basically no obvious noise when the electric bike is running, and the vehicle has better shock absorption effect. However, the electric tricycle has higher noise, general shock absorption effect and poor comfort, which also indicates that the electric tricycle is more comfortable

Sixth, appearance

The most intuitive point is that the electric bike has only two wheels, and the electric tricycle has three wheels and an additional carriage; The overall volume of the electric tricycle is also much smaller than that of the electric bike, so the space required for parking is also much larger; In the past, the shape of electric cargo bikes was much more fashionable than the latter. However, with the development of electric tricycles, more and more fashionable tricycles are loved by young people. In terms of appearance, both have advantages

To sum up, in terms of load and power, the performance of electric tricycles will be more prominent, which indicates that it is better to choose electric tricycles if you need to carry goods. In terms of endurance, operation and licensing, price and comfort, ordinary electric bikes will be more dominant, which indicates that electric bikes have better driving experience and are suitable for daily travel. Therefore, the user can select the corresponding vehicle model according to his own use mode.