Most of us buying tricycles for the convenience of our daily life. Therefore, when buying tricycles, these things need to be paid attention to.

There are two types of tricycles, electric version and non electric version. The choice of the two models should also be determined according to the actual situation of the buyer. For example, for girls, it’s best not to buy super large electric tricycles. They are generally heavy. When you need to move the it, it’s a difficult thing for girls; For a strong man, this will not be a problem. In addition, when choose a tricycles you should also considering according to the living environment. If the storage space is narrow, try to buy lighter ones. In addition, if you need to go shopping and pick up children to school, you should also consider the convenience of passengers or goods.

Electric tricycle has four major parts, motor, battery, charger and controller, which is the key to the performance of an electric tricycle. Therefore, before buying a tricycles, you can learn more about the brand or manufacturer of the four major parts, this will help you when selecting a tricycle. Most electric tricycles manufacturers are assemble tricycles parts, and their parts, especially the four major parts, are purchased from various manufacturers. Therefore, tricycles selection should not only depend on the brand and manufacturer, but also on the internal four major parts.

The power of the motor is very important. If the power is too small, the capacity of load, speed, acceleration and climbing are limited. In particular, the climbing ability is directly related to the power of the motor, so try to choose high-power motor.

At the same time, in daily life, the main power source of electric tricycle is electricity, and the cost of battery in the whole electric tricycles is the largest one. So how to charge and what should be paid attention to when charging?

The correct operation of switching power charger is: when charging, insert the battery first and then power on; After sufficient, cut off the power first, and then pull out the battery plug. If you unplug the battery when charging, it is very easy to damage the charger.