Modern people can’t go out without transportation tools, such as planes, ships, cars, bikes cargo bikes tricycles, etc. Especially for people living in cities, they can often meet traffic jams everywhere and hard to find parking spaces after finding for a long time. At this time, electric cargo bicycles will be a good choice. Now there are many kinds of electric adult tricycles cargo bikes, how to choose a suitable one in the market?

First, we need to know what is our purpose to buy an adult tricycle cargo bike?

1. For picking up kids from school

Some families need to pick up their children to school. At this time, you need a reverse cargo tricycle. This is a bicycle with a wooden box on the bike frame. There is a stool suitable for children to sit in the wooden box. Generally, it is suitable for 2-4 children. The seats are equipped with safety belts. It is safe for children to sit in the box. The manufacturer can make a side door on the wood box, which is convenient for children to get on and off the cargo bike. It is equipped with a soft cushion, so that they won’t feel uncomfortable when they encounter bumpy roads. It can also be equipped with a rain shed, so that even when it rains, children will not be caught cold by the rain.

2.Go our with dogs.

Now many people in the family like dogs or other pets. Many times they want to take their dogs out to play in a park far away. At this time, it is also appropriate to use such cargo bike to take dogs out together with themselves. We can ask the factory not to make bench seats for people to sit in wooden boxes, there is only a wooden box, so that the dogs can sit in it. We can make a dog hook on the wooden box, and directly hang the dog rope on it, In this way, it will be very safe for the dog to sit in the cargo bike. We can also open a side door to facilitate the dog to get on and off the cargo bike. With an rain cover, the dog is also not afraid of rain.

3.Cargo transportation

When we go shopping in the supermarket, we can also use this wooden box to pack many goods. You can buy with confidence. Don’t need to worry about the lack of space for the cargo you bought. If you need to transport some furniture at home, it is also very convenient, so that you don’t need to pay money to ask transportation company to do this.

Such an excellent multi-functional adult tricycle cargo bike can pick up and send children, take pets to play, and help carry goods at home. Do you want to have such a perfect cargo bike too?

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