Riding a cargo bicycle can not only save your money in your wallet, but also have undeniable savings for the earth. The lifestyle of freight bikes provides a healthy choice for you and the world we live in.Have you ever thought about how much money can be saved by the lifestyle of freight bikes? Please read the following details:

In the United States, the average per charge is 5 cents. If we charge once a day, that’s 365 times, $18.25 a year.

The average American car is 24.2 miles per gallon. If you ride 10 miles a day to send children to school, then you can ride at least 20 miles a day, 13.18 dollars a week, which is equivalent to more than 600 dollars a year in gasoline — this is just your school trip! If you include grocery stores and errands, dinner or friends’ home trips, weekend adventures, etc., you can easily triple this number.

Compared with car maintenance, cargo bike maintenance costs vary depending on the type of bike and the type of replacement required, just like cars. However, the average adjustment costs vary from $55 to $150.

Freight bicycle maintenance costs much less than car maintenance. Maintaining a freight bike instead of a car can save you more than $1600 a year without a license, registration, or tax expense!

Unlike ordinary cars, freight bikes can be parked for free. Without bicycle parking fees, you can save about $2000 a year!

The cost of parking in American cities is growing exponentially. On average, we spend about $2056 a year on paid parking, not to mention the cost of wasted gasoline when looking for parking spaces! On bicycles, parking is both free and convenient. With a good lock, you can stop anywhere to explore without worrying about finding the best deal in the parking lot.

Although every car needs insurance, cargo bicycles can run without insurance. By choosing freight bikes over cars, you can save more than $1500 a year!

Although you can insure your bike, it is usually insured through one of your homeowner’s insurance options. It covers theft and accidental damage to your own property – accidents away from home are usually not included. This means that it is possible to insure your freight bike with an insurance policy covering accidents away from home. Please contact your insurance company for more information.

Because medical expenses vary from person to person, it is difficult to calculate them. However, the benefits of cycling every day to physical and mental health are undeniable!

On average, those who chose to ride rather than drive car had better cardiovascular health, improved blood pressure, weight loss and increased resistance to disease.

Although we can’t give a quantifiable figure for the cost savings, the most important thing is that those who choose to ride bicycles have gained a lot of health benefits since they stepped on the pedal for the first time, which has affected their daily health!