Tire pressure, in a strict sense, refers to the pressure of the air inside the tire. Tire pressure is the blood pressure of the bike. The level of tire pressure plays a vital role in the performance and power of the bike. So how much is the most appropriate tire pressure for electric cargo bikes?

The tire pressure of electric tricycle is generally 240-310kpa, which can promote the electric cargo bike to achieve good comfort and high safety factor. Most of them indicate that the air pressure is 300-350kpa, and it is not recommended to exceed 380 when pumping, so as to enhance the safety factor and comfort. If it is an electric cargo bike of other well-known brands, the appropriate pressure should be based on the manufacturer’s best value. Generally, the front tire is 250kp and the rear tire is 280kp.

However, due to the different size and net weight of the cargo bike, the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is different, and the tire pressure will be harmed by various factors such as tire condition, real-time driving road condition, carrying load, temperature and so on. Among them, the interference of temperature is large and extensive. Because of the basic principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the air pressure of new energy vehicles should be properly reduced according to the standard air pressure when the temperature is high, and if the temperature is low, it must be moderately increased according to the standard air pressure.

The tire pressure of electric tricycles should be within the normal range. It can’t be too high or too low. Too high or too low is not good for safe driving and tire service life.

When the tire pressure is too high, the stiffness of the electric cargo bike tire will be expanded, and the total area of the variant and grounding device will be reduced, which will accelerate the damage of the tread center, and then reduce the service life of the tire; Moreover, if the tire pressure is too high, it will also make the tire hard and reduce the comfort of the tire; In addition, it will also reduce the puncture resistance of the tire. When the tire is pierced into the tire by sharp objects, it is very easy to cause tire blowout.

When the tire pressure is too low, the total contact area between the tire and the road surface will increase, and the sliding friction will also increase, which will increase the power consumption of the electric tricycle; Moreover, due to the increase of sliding friction, the tire temperature will rise, the tire will become loose, and the compressive strength of the tire will be reduced. When the bike is running, it is likely that the tire will burst because the tire cannot be installed with the load.